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The Power of Imagination

When you try to remember something, does it swim away from you like a slippery fish? When you calm your mind, does not the same thought swim seemingly out of nowhere, and circle back into the proximity of your awareness?

Thus, the universe is much like the watery mind(s) which we wade in for a lifetime.

Do scientists believe in subatomic glue, or do they simply imagine that it is there? Does the physicist observe the particle traveling through one of two holes? Or is he aware of the wave passing through both holes at the same instant?

Thus, is the universe ever entertaining our imagination?

How is it that the mind of one person can ignite fires with but a thought, bursting small objects into flames? Does some hidden science contain the answers to psychic ability? Or does the dogmatic view of science itself obscure what it truly natural?

Thus, one mind is ever different from another, and so, also, is the world made different for another.

Observing animals in the wild, do we see conflict and struggle, love and hunger? Or does one see the multitude of variables--so dynamic in principle, literal and methodical--hidden in plain sight of simplicity? Is simplicity the lowest of the scale? Is it the opposite of dynamic and progressive? Or is it the middle ground between operatives in the cosmos?

Thus, one animal is pragmatic, and another complicates the simple, and holds simple to the complex.

Does not the view of astrology fall far from the territory of astronomy and cosmology? Yet, the very same power of the cosmos is carried over into the accepted system of astrology, having (observably) a strong influence on perceived reality.

Thus, the core operating system of the universal mind is non-bias to the operating systems created by individual minds. So, too, can one truth can be right, while contradicting another by merely existing.

Moreover, we may consider that all things are then truly expedient in the mind of the cosmos, and yet parameters exist which bar the man carrying the socialization protocol installed by society.

Whereby do we fit, naturally speaking, into the grand equation (ever-changing) in this universe? Is it not that we are by our very nature intended to be cosmic participants in the ever expanding nature and scope of reality?

Thus, is the conductor of an orchestra not himself the composer for a variable of time?

Furthermore, are we not all the collaborators, the conspirators, the architects, and the occupants of our own demise or our own prosperity?

The power of imagination is something which is natural to a great number of human beings. Most of us have it to some degree or another. Genius is, as Robert Kiyosaki puts it, a genie which resides within us. It is for our own part in this life to find within us our greatest ally and teacher, to unfold and look up at the stars in fascination and appreciative wonder.

Imagination is truly power.

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