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A historical moment occurred yesterday. So, let me tell you all about it. First of all, Vrilock had a wonderful birthday dinner with author and lecturer Charles W. Cosimano. After a feast we settled down to do some business. Our royal honor and rare privilege took place as we witnessed firsthand the author of Psionic Psupervillain commence autographing each one of our remaining printed paperbacks of Psionic Psupervillain!!!

Seriously, dear colleagues, this was a truly wonderful moment in time. We are deeply honored, as this was a moment in time long dreamed of by not only the author, but by one who was at one time a student of the author, Mr. Vrilock.

So, what we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a one-time offer to purchase from our web site a rare book which has been autographed by the author. And of course our subscribers have the first chance to make a purchase before we put it up for sale on the web store (coming very soon!).

Now, what makes our printed books different from those who have illegally printed some of Mr. Cosimano's books? Simple. But not easy. Vrilock has done the layout, editing, and formatting for our freshly printed books. As well, we take time to check over the book from head to toe, forward and backward. We do this at least several times per book project, and with careful consideration for each proposed printing project. While there is always a chance for human error in the editing or printing of one of our books, we ensure to marginalize the possibility for mistakes through vigorous effort.

A typical editing project will include looking at the book from the standpoint of the author. Then, we cover the layout and formatting. At last, a careful inspection by the editor and proofreader is done before handing the first of two proofs to the author for a final review. We take this process seriously, and we aim to please our buyers. You won't be disappointed.

Keep in mind that the future of humanity may depend upon your purchase of the book! No, but seriously, we are going to sell this book for half the price of what our competitors (those who have illegally reprinted Chuck's other books such as Psionics 101 for $137.00, and so on). That's right. Those who would sell you an unedited, unformatted, and careless print of the book for $100 plus dollars are now out of business. That is because we are going to give you this book for $50, and with an autograph by the author. Each book is autographed by hand--not a photocopied autograph! These books are authentic!

So, in a little while from now (a day or two) we will give the first shoutout to our current subscribers to pre-order, and we will set these books aside for these prospective buyers. That is correct! To show our appreciation to those who have subscribed to our web site, we are going to reserve copies of the book just for you! Everyone else will have to wait their turn. But don't worry! We will also be selling print-to-order books in the near future. And, if you were not fortunate enough to have an autographed copy, the word is in that Charles W. Cosimano may do some in-person book signing events in the future. So, keep a lookout for book signing events on our upcoming new Events Page (coming soon).

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