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Psionic Robot - An Artificer’s Guide to Anthropomorphic Constructs

Slide into your comfy chair. Don your helmet! And slide up to your nifty new mind control box. We’ve got a real treat for our colleagues!

'Psionic Robot' is the book of the year for magicians! This is the ultimate psionics manual that will send you to the future of magic technology! Magical robots! Mulahahaha! Yesss! And this book is Vrilock's contribution to the age of force, wherein the individual has more power than the collective mind of society!

Fully illustrated, finely detailed, Psionic Robot is a book that delivers more than idle philosophical concepts in magick! It is also a complete step-by-step manual for crafting all manner of robot servitors used in magical and psionic operations.

With this book you receive a full table of contents detailing the chapters, sections, tables, and appendix. A series of documents and appendix material is included, as well as scan-and-print robot decals, control panels, and components. We’ve also included an arcane components chart for those who wish to ritually charge their robots. Schematics and decals are illustrated throughout this book!

Plus! With every book written by Vrilock you receive a free bonus comic strip!

Enjoy creating your first robot spy!—And find out what your competitor companies are working on! Psionic Robot teaches the reader to develop the abilities of mental projection and psychometric infusion to empower super robot entities that do your work for you!

Construct a robot tank to break down resistance! Get that job interview despite the protest of the socialists barring your advancements in life!

Build a series of juggernaut robots which can take out entire infrastructures. Or build a companion robot to aid you in your magical research or other spiritual pursuits.

The choice is yours! The options are infinite!

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