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Vrilock Remembering Art Bell

There is one story I’d like to share about how I found Art Bell’s extraordinary talk radio program.

The year was 2004. The place, Costa Mesa, California. My wife and I were driving through the city of Costa Mesa during the afternoon in busy traffic. We had come to a traffic intersection, and while waiting for the light to turn green we both noticed a metallic looking disc flying over the city. It couldn’t be more than a 50 feet up in the air. The detail of the saucer was so clear that at first we doubted what we were seeing. No other drivers seemed to notice as we looked around pointing and waving to other cars.

That week we saw another similar craft elsewhere, and also a series of prismatic lights during broad daylight over the freeway passing the city of Irvine, California. The lights formed a sort of crisscross pattern, resembling something like the mystical dragon tracks or ley-lines, right out of a sword and sorcery fantasy film. For a spell I thought we were observing a rift opening over the bypass.

Later in the evening at home I had an eerie sense, as if some force was penetrating the fabric of reality, sort of like a powerful radio transmission being broadcasted over the city. An odd hunch came to me. The idea of turning on the radio entered my mind, but I ordinarily didn’t listen to anything other than classical music once in a blue moon. Yet, I had a feeling that there were other people were sensing the same thing, no matter how far away or in what part of the country these other people were in. So, my hand gently turned the tuning dial, and then I realized that I had forgotten to turn on the audio. I then turned on the audio, and I heard this voice with a rather nasal sounding quality. The voice was that of Art Bell. Someone I had never heard of before, and who didn’t sound even remotely familiar to me. Yet, there he was talking about UFO’s and all things mysterious.

Some years later a woman came on his show as a guest speaker. Her name was Evelyn Paglini. A witch, so the speaker proclaimed. My memory then hit me sharply, and I recalled that years and years earlier, at about the age of 19 or 20, I had written a story about the end of the world coming, fires all over California, and a great earthquake shattering San Francisco. I had also made up a fictitious coven of witches headed by someone named Evelyn Paglini. I had made the name up entirely, never having heard of this person. Well, she was a real person (now departed), and somehow my subconscious mind picked up on her name. (Film, television, radio… I’ve always had a weird relationship of precognition with these information outlets).

My ignorance of who these people were is easily explained. You see, I spent a great deal of time living in a sort of closet lifestyle during my 20’s, and other than going to my job, I didn’t get out much, and I knew little about the outside world or what was popular on the mainstream news. I spent my days reading books such as Paul Kennedy’s ‘Preparing for the Twenty First Century’, and C. G. Jung’s ‘The Undiscovered Self’, and the old writings of Henry David Thoreau, and here and there some stories by H. P. Lovecraft. I reread ‘The Lord of the Rings’ many times over in the solitude of my room. I also read less popular works of fiction, including Philip Jose Farmer’s ‘Dark is the Sun’, and Philip K. Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’, ‘Doctor BloodMoney’, ‘Ubik’, and ‘Lies Incorporated’. I was, for all practical purposes, cut off from the world, existing merely as a bookworm in the closet. Other than working occasional contract jobs and reading books, I spent a greater deal of my time drawing pictures as a hobby, writing stories about people I did not know, and working through the meditations my mentor sent to me in the mailbox. I poured through the Lemegeton, and memorized the names and qualities of the spirits therein. I drew their sigils and posted these on the walls of my room, surrounding myself in my own private quarters with the patterns and images which seemed to comfort my mind. I had no desire to be involved with people most of the time, and my only affection was for a small cat who often slept on my chest on cold evenings.

So, for me, coming across this radio show host, Art Bell, was a very important turning point in my life. I had at last gotten married, and I was back out in the world just before finding Art Bell’s radio program. And that program brought back to my mind many of the things I’d written about in my somewhat hermit life before getting married. I think I was in my early thirties when I first listened to Art Bell’s radio program. The truth is, because of Art Bell I heard of other interesting people like Mark Dice, Alex Jones, and eventually came into contact with Mr. Maurice Cotterell who I spoke with multiple times about events going on while I lived in Japan, and received an autographed copy of his book Future Science. Something like a decade later I remember listening to Art Bell detail his feelings about the loss of his wife, and I reflected that this was a man who expressed himself in a most human way.

Now I listen to John B. Wells’ program, and I enjoy it. But, I have to hand it to Art Bell, because without his program I would never have found these other voices on the radio. Even John B. Wells is another voice who I can attach significance to Art Bell, even though I believe that the two had never met

(I could be wrong, but I believe that John was brought onboard Coast to Coast AM Radio during George Nori’s term as the show’s head host).

I’m not a big groupie kind of person. So, my ignorance of some events is understandable. Besides, I’m usually busy answering the call of the cosmos to do or tune in to other things. Still, I have a sincere feeling of loss having never had a chance to speak with Art Bell while he lived. It would have been an amazing event if I had. For certainly, just as the spirits had ushered me to find and meet Charles Cosimano, the master of psionics, so, too, did the universal mind send me to find Art Bell’s radio program. I’m not mistaken about this. So far from what I’ve seen in the world to pass, I have been given very accurate visions and voices of the future. What now will become of a world without some of the greatest radio show hosts? Who will stand in their place, carry their message and the voices of millions on the radio networks? I hope that some of you out there find this to be your passion. Because, let’s face it, we have in today's society a very ill-favored mass of youths lined up to lead us into a rather dystopian future. A few good men or women would do great men and women of the past an honor to take on the airwaves and spread truth and interest in the mysterious and wondrous world that we live in.

Art Bell, may you rest in peace. (East of the Rockies, you’re on the air!)

Art Bell died at the age of 72, on August 14, 2018 in his home in Nevada. Read the full article >>>

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