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Psionic Vitki - Runes vs. Grimoires

Psionic Vitki, Runes vs. Medieval Grimoires

Most magicians primarily work with either sigil magick or chaos magick. These are great systems. But, there is another system which goes greatly undervalued. I speak of the runes used in psionics.

First, what makes the rune system different from the grimoires of the medieval wizards or the defixios of the grecian necromancers or the summons of chthonic gods? Of all these systems the runes allows for the magician to call the runes his own, because the runes are internalized and become part of the magician. By contrast, the medieval grimoires call upon apparently external forces to do the work of the magician. A ritual in the Necromanteion of the Greek necromancers might call upon the souls of the dead or chthonic forces taking on the aspects of the departed souls. But, these are all external influences, and not guaranteed to work quite the way we expect. If one opens the door to an entity one has no prior relationship to, then the odds are against it that the magician will achieve a satisfied result.

Aside from having its own cosmic model, as do the various cultures of the world, runes work specifically to command the inner world of the magician, and thereby extend to the influences of ‘wyrd’ in the world. Wyrd is the web of synchronicity which the ancients believed runs reality from the background, much like modern day HTML and Javascript programming code runes the web pages on the internet in the background of things. We live our lives seeing the world in much the same way that we view a web page (We only see the user interface, and not all the coding behind the scenes).

Runes are a system for self-transformation. Once these runes are adopted (or inherited through the spirit of ancestry) by the vitki (magician) then the runes become his/ her own microcosm. Of course, the runes are not limited to a strictly internal system. There are other branches of rune work, different views including vrilology, and shamanism through the various god-head aspects of the troth (loyalty to the gods). Vitkis work with a system that holds the runes as equal to the secrets or voices of the gods, and these secrets are nested inside of us from birth. Of course this is only the view of the culture behind the runes. There is no actual evidence for me to present which proves the gods put these aspects of consciousness inside of human beings. It is best to think of rune-crafted consciousness very metaphorically in the beginning of your pursuit of the runes.

Although I am not a guild member, nor do I have the title of master of the runes, I have quite a great deal of personal experience working with the runes. For seven years I pursued the runes. Prior to this decision to commit to the runes I merely dabbled with the various rune staves, hoping I’d get some results by amplifying their intended associated aspects through psionics. Well, the results were rather poor. I felt an attraction to the runes, but the magick wasn’t working as well as I had hoped. There were coincidences, but nothing solid enough to make me a believer that the runes were worth using. I was wrong, but it was the approach which was my great mistake. So, I decided to make a commitment to undertaking a study of the runes, which took me roughly seven years to complete. Perhaps ‘complete’ is not the most adequate word. There really is not finish line for rune work. It is a lifelong commitment. I discovered this after deeply working with the runes for nearly a decade.

The benefits of working with the runes outweigh the benefits of working with some other systems in a number of ways. For one thing, the runes I’ve mastered are still my own. I can draw upon the power of the runes, and project these runes during my daily activities without having to meditate on an intention. This is because the groundwork was done over a period of seven years. For example, I saw an obnoxious man approaching me, and all I had to do was quickly call up the power of the ice-rune, and project it at his forehead. He stopped in his tracks, and turned around. The concept of the runes is held strong in my mind. So, the ability to use these as psionic projectiles is entirely possible—In fact, it is entirely advisable to learn.

The runes also give us the ability to make certain characteristic changes, or changes to our habits that we do not find beneficial on our path to prosperity or success.

Having said these things, a magician should take advantage of all systems, including the medieval grimoires and myriad other systems of magick.

If you would like to learn more about the runes, please write to me and include those things about the runes which most interest you.

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