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Ever have those days when you would like to sit down and do some psionics, but your body gets anxiety, and you just don’t feel up to the challenge of doing any serious psionics work? Happens to me sometimes. Do you get allergies? Things sort of slow you down in the morning or the afternoon? I have something here that might help, and it just so happens to be some rune work that’s fun and feels damn good doing it! So, let’s get you started!

First, I do the hammer signing. This is detailed in Thorsson’s book ‘The Nine Doors to Midgard’. For the sake of example, you will sign the hamr symbol to the north, east, south, west, above, and below.

Second, I stand in the position of Elhasz (I prefer to vocalize the rune as ‘Eohl’). Visualize beams of the gods falling down into your body. Concentrate the element of god-fire filling your personal sphere, and pulling into your solar plexus.

Third, I perform the T-stretch position with arms out to the sides and parallel to the earth. Push arms back, with the back of your hands bending as far back as possible. Breathe in the element of air, and allow this to concentrate at the center of your chest.

Fourth, I sign the Urusz or u-rune over my feet. I visualize the green earth flowing up my feet to the top of my head, where I then make a gesture with the left hand in the sign of Urusz. Vocalize the rune a few times, and replay the image of green earth power rising through your body.

Fifth, I sign the Lagusz rune before me, and pull in the element of water around my pelvis area.

Sixth, I terminate the exercise with the bifrost, repositioning into the Elhasz stanza.

This method of physical exercise is intended to build a long term relationship with the archetypes of the universe by envisioning these archetypes in the form of the runes. The subconscious mind loads these runes through physical movement. How? Well, it is the same as learning to ride a bicycle. Do you think about each movement you make as you ride a bicycle? Of course not. The subconscious mind has this all memorized for you. Thus, it is the same for working with the runes. We load these forces into our subconscious mind, and as the relationship with the runes grows, we are later able to pull out these runes to the conscious level and make changes in the objective world around us. I will explain these uses for the runes in psionics through some of our guide books in the shop.

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