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Charles Cosimano and Vrilock Press - Two Villains and a Kick-Ass Novel of Psionics Gone Wild!

Cosimano and Vrilock Villains of Psionics

Well, this book is very different from our usual material for the public. Very, very different, indeed. In fact it is a novel! Don’t faint! You have to finish reading this post so that you will know where we’re headed with all this mirth. So, I want you to lean close to your electronic screen and drink deep of this wisdom and merriment, for here is the might and joy of psionics put into a perspective that every occult-ish bookworm will enjoy!

It was years ago when I published my own book on a post-apocalypse world, and broke into something of a genre I assumed that I had invented called the ‘techno-cult’. But, I wasn’t even close to accomplishing this ultimate feat of invention! In fact, what we have here in front of me is a book authored by the infamous real-life super villain himself, Charles W. Cosimano (Uncle Chuckie), and it is a novel that shatters our very conception of human consciousness in ways that are so perversely amusing, I must confess that I was shocked upon reading halfway through this nefarious volume of horrors done precise! So, I will have to admit that this book is truly the definition of the techno-cult genre if there ever was a story worthy of such title.

Now what is this marvelous volume of which I shudder to speak of to my colleagues? Why, it is called The Machines of Art Malacoda. And, I’ll be honest, it is quite a ride if a book has ever made you feel like you’ve done some traveling into another universe. Well, this book is exactly that. It IS another universe, and it is one in which only the archfiend himself, Charles W. Cosimano, could write without faltering in the attempt that others surely would have.

Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling of this adventurous volume of fiction of psionics on steroids adequately enough. The book will leave you wondering if any of this stuff could be—gasp—real??? Well, we never shall tell. But, why don’t you read it and decide that for yourself, now?

Get your paperback copy of The Machines of Art Malacoda today! If you do, then you’re in with us and the Uncle Chuckie and Vrilock Press Project!

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