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Tommy Robinson’s Imprisonment Rivals the Tower of London - Occult Report!

Well, we’re halfway there to seeing Tommy Robinson supporters go wild in the streets. When true British Heroes are locked up by their own police, then we know the day the country died. I don’t care a tidbit if the White House enjoyed tea with the queen. What I want to see is a real man freed from wrongful imprisonment.

Most of our readers from the conservative view will look down upon our operations in occultism. We are not concerned with their views, for our are the Great Ones of the earth.

For those of you who are new, read our previous post from June 22, 2018 right here >>>

So, now here are some of the results from our work to free Robinson:

  • Not 100’s, but 1000’s

  • Thugs not a match for demonstrators with anger and indignation in their hearts

  • The ultimate empathic empowerment of the occult

  • Psychic results outweigh ordinary expectations

  • Occult guidance helps individuals reclaim the power of which to match the established and almighty State!

  • The magick of the prayer-board casts the ultimate enchantment, resulting in a liberation manifesto

The greatest difficulty in this case is that Tommy Robinson has already been sentenced - whereas, my work to free Adam Kokesh in America resulted in a swift delivery to freedom, if only because Mr. Kokesh had not yet been sentenced. Mr. Kokesh walked away a free man, but in Tommy’s case we’re looking at a probability of a much different sort of outcome than a slap on the wrist and “Hey, you’re free to go for good behavior!” Unlikely to happen this way. But, one way or another our mysterious means shall produce a wondrous end. And so we must hedge on the beneficial magick and the more assertive occult focus.

Thank you to those of you who have helped with this project. We will continue to monitor the results!

Rock on, my colleagues!

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