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Systematic Entropy - Psionics Can and Will Break It!

I’m sure most people are aware of the coming darkness of internet domination, virtual dystopias, and cyber ghettos. At least my colleagues, I hope. People on the street level still continue to think in terms of reasoning right vs. wrong, religion or creed, left and right (Might just as well make it a tossup and shout “Democrat, Liberal, Cookie Monster… Rock, paper, scissors—One, Two, Three!” Because freedom is the only thing that matters.) Oh, but alright I will be serious now. The fact of the matter is that the enemy of man dates back far, far longer than the bill of rights.

Every religion has marked its passing through the world, though they may have missed the mark technically. We’re talking about primordial darkness, the crawling chaos straight out of one of H. P. Lovecraft’s tales of horror and madness. But, this madness which I write of is just as real as you or me. (And if its not as real as we, well, then the illusion of its presence will be just as painful all the same!). This gnawing hungry horde of bodies takes on many different names. It sails different banners. It wears different skins and different uniforms, for whatever guise fits its purpose at the moment. It is always the same beast which rides behind the eyes and ears of the horde, and sends forth the minions of dystopia to draw us all down to hell into its loathsome ranks.

Most people in the western hemisphere of the planet already know the Christian view of this entity. So, I won’t bother rehashing the details of its disposition. Instead, we can make reference to Norse lore, and perhaps a few other sources. In the Teutonic view these forces of madness are the mark of the giants of chaos, the sons of Etin or Ettin. They are the thorn in the side of the prosperous individual and his society. We can also look to the writings of Philip K. Dick, although PKD changed his initial views about the demiurge and the universe in which it operates. In the beginning, Philip K. Dick saw the world as being aided by a good being which was ubiquitous. Later, he saw that it was not an all-encompassing goodness, but rather that the universe was a realm of evil in the mind of Philip K. Dick, into which the divine (light) penetrated (a.k.a. The Divine Invasion). PKD may have also thought of the future of the police state because of his ties to groups he associated with in San Francisco. The debate is open, but I digress. More of interest to us is how the minds of such geniuses and authors foresaw much of what we are seeing manifest today.

It cannot be merely assigned a name, then given a face and uniform, and blasted off the planet via military force. Such a course of actions is exemplary of the mind of the short-term thinker, and the lackwit’s want of a quick answer for everything. This pattern in the world continues today because humanity is more often a creature of absolute mindedness, for which he must have all the answers, even if one does not exist—And such answers must come through a collective party that has been systematically established in the times for which he is a living member of. Furthermore, the views must fit within his rather narrow perception of culturally filtered faculties, and views by which he can contain within a limited assortment of hereditary or ancestral visages. (Keyword search the history of ‘subatomic glue’ as outlined in the classical billiard ball cos-model view of physics, and you will very well understand.) He is limited, and therefore his views must adhere to his limitations, including the insights of others greater than his own audacity or imagination. Such is the manner of existence of this hive-minded creature. But, he is not the source of his madness, but rather the vessel for which the source pours itself into. For, this kind of man is truly soulless, and his fate is rather unfortunate on the astral levels, the spirit realms, and the greater spheres guarded in close-quarters by the gods of higher vibrations and existence. They are the little demons who steal the ideology and creative insights of others, and then turn these visions into the various religions (outlets of mind control) as we know them today. We know these kind of men as the marxists, the extremists, the hollow men devoid of an immortal soul. For he has within him no soul, and so he must ensure that you have none as well. For it would not befit him (or her) to see others rise to greater glory and everlasting life. His mark is hatred, and those who allow hatred to grow too great in themselves—even in the case of resentment or indignation of the little tyrant—will become as he is. For it is his recipe for replicating himself throughout the world, since a time before an age and an age. His master is eternally hungry, and without a court in the towering realms of the gods.

Metaphorically speaking, of course. Yet, is it not all too true even in a metaphorical sense? Does not the guises and gowns of the fools fall to the floor in a heap of unwanted madness upon the ultimate realization of this hive-mind-master? Is it not also true that the emperor who wore no clothes the fool in his own court? But of course. Why would you disagree? Is it not plainly obvious to you that you are ruled over by unworthy people? And the multitude will form large numbers as is always expected, to protest that which if was plainly ignored would have no power over you at all.

In the midst of the greatest oceans in the world is a bulge of water held in check by the lunar pull of the moon. Very much like this bulge of water, so is the majority of people held in check by the emotional tides of media and the outlets of speech or the printed word or the vibrations of music, and the tyrannical radiance of the sun boring through our atmosphere with piercing and infernal madness. All alone is the unenlightened man or woman or child in the claws and tendrils of lord Chaos, trapped here on a blue and white pearl drifting through space on a lonely and repetitive voyage around the sun.

If you tire of your position in the world, then please subscribe to our newsletter and start a conversation with us. We have been fighting a battle for decades, but we wont’ live forever. So, step up to the challenge. Read our books and train up to become the next psionic front against cyber tyranny! Your enemy is so vastly zombified right now, that Big Brother doesn’t even have to pay these left-nuts to support their campaign of oppressing expression and internet presence, … and the list goes on, because they’ll not stop there. Your soul is next on the menu.

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The power is now with you! You are the next soul warrior in this matrix universe!

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