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Philosophy of Psionics

Philosophy of Psionics

So you want to know what psionics is? Why you need it? And what you can do with it?

Let us begin by establishing a perspective of what we believe reality is and that which we project is the real universe surrounding and interpenetrating our being here on this planet.

The thing we call reality is a series of vibrations and frequencies which are ultimately coming from the same thing that mind stuff is made of. So we need to adopt a state of mind in which we realize we have varying degrees of control over this reality, and by extension we have some degree of influence over the entire universe. The problem that stands in your way is simply disbelief. And nothing more than this. It really is quite that simple.

So, psionics is the mental ability to work the spiritual or mental mechanics in the universe. It is also a term which implies the use of machines to aid in the use of psychic powers. Simply put, psionics is mind-and-machine interface to work mental or magical powers.


The universe is a place in which one thing has some degree of control over another thing. If you want to be the one in control then you want to learn how to use psionics.

Everything in the cosmos is a container or vessel which stores information. All things have varying degrees of intelligence if not truly conscious. With respect to sentience, many things have what might be considered self awareness. This is true of planets and stars in the cosmos, and even in elements like wind and water. Water stores information. Crystals such as quartz store information naturally. So it is with the entire universe. The only difference in the way this information is stored is in the vibrational structure (pattern) and ability to resonate (bridge of frequency) with other materials in our reality.

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Anything can be accomplished with psionics that one can imagine, control, and employ via the power of mind or mind aided by manifestation or wishing machines. Everything can be made into patterns, as all things derive from the patterns created by the essence mind - both human and otherwise. This means that the human mind can influence the universe by communicating with various patterns both natural and imagined, and then applied via a mind training method, and of course the aid of simple occult instruments. Patterns which are naturally able to attract wealth, prosperity, good health, and happy relationships can be put to work to help you live and experience a better life! And with our new prayer boards you can even help other people! That is what truly rocks!

Now this power can be yours. All you need is a little practice and guidance along your spiritual path.

Our experts Tom Vrilock and Joshua P. Warren can and will help you achieve this prosperity that you ultimately deserve!


The nature of the universe is often rather alien to the human psychology. So, the way in which the universe operates needs to be discovered, learned and mastered by the aid of machines and a little mental exercise practice.

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