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Vrilock’s Psionics Club Opens to All!

Vrilock's Psionics Club Opens to All

For the first year our club has remained hidden on a secret web site, and available to only a small group. But, now it is open to the public. This is because we are breaking the spell of that which has been hidden, and we are working hard to empower humanity. Become one of us! Be an Avenger or a Jedi Knight with your brothers and sisters in the Vrilock Psionics Training Program known as VOCUS (Vrilock Occult Concentration Universal System).

Join our VOCUS program! Become a valued club member in our psionics organization with headmaster Tom Vrilock! Just go here and choose a payment plan at

For centuries we’ve been ruled over by dogmatic views held by the elite few. Scientists have held the idea publicly that they are right, and everyone else is wrong. Look at the example of Joshua P. Warren’s Brown Mountain Lights, and how a scientist dismissed Joshua P. Warren’s discovery of these lights, and then went ahead and took the credit all for himself. And this is to say nothing of the dishonor the scientist had done to all the other researches who worked with Mr. Warren to discover the Brown Mountain Lights!

Well, this sort of intolerable injustice is not unusual in the world of science and business to discredit paranormal investigators, but then take the credit from those investigators only after dishonoring them. Getting the credit is unlikely to happen for most people. But times are changing! And we are taking back the natural mind and spirit power given to us by the Cosmic Mind and the Cosmic Intelligence System, and we are throwing off the shackles and chains, and embracing personal empowerment while disregarding the nay-sayers and dogmatists!

Yes! You just gotta do it, brothers and sisters! You have to become one of us!

Now is time to reclaim the occult power and improve your life and the lives of the ones you love! Vrilock is here to help you. By becoming one of us you will participate in group and club projects to make changes in the world, help other colleagues, and promote prosperity for the club!

All club members have access to hidden (occult) reports, journals, podcasts/ audio logs, and in-depth instructional videos for psionics and magick!

That’s not all!

Vrilock answers questions for all club members! You’ll be part of our spiritual community of psionics students and masters. Join us for a better world today!

What is spiritual about our club?

Well, first we must realize that psionics is the mind-machine or mind to circuit training which allows us to open up to the raw power of the universe, which is the all eternal cosmic mind and the cosmic intelligence system. Learning how this cosmic system works will give you the edge you need to make use of and properly employ the technology of magick. Magick is a technology, and magicians are technicians of this techology. But, now we enter a time of true psionics. That is, we are far past the old days of rituals and messy ceremonies. Psionics renders the old ways outdated with a newer philosophy, methods, and state of mind.

Getting into the condition of mind over matter is the job Vrilock works at every single day. And it is our goal to help all club members achieve the same!

Join us and see for yourself why our club members are happier and more confident people, and becoming sound and powerful magicians and technicians of psionics! Go to our web site for the club at and get started with a payment plan that is right for you.

If you enjoy Coast to Coast AM Talk Radio or Darkness Radio, you'll enjoy this club. In fact, we give you the tools of the trade that have been proven to work. From Freeing Adam Kokesh and Tommy Robinson to Stopping Super Typhoon Neoguri, we've done it all with psuper psionics and occult power! Learn our magic technology! Great investment for independent knowledge and a new group of great people to belong to. Join your brothers and sisters of might and magic here!

Reclaim the true classical occult power. Rock and rule with Vrilock and Team!

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