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How-to Hasten Psionic Magick

Vrilock Psionics

First learn the basics of turning on the power of psionics kinesis and kinetic magick! It's all right here inside the Vrilock Club!

Most people come in to the world of psionics and radionics without any initial preparation. Buy the radionics machine, and make sure that you gain the basic training, perhaps even my coaching system >>> so that your wishing machines, variable machines, and psionics instruments are going to be more effective for manifestation.

Acquire significant reading materials!

Vrilock’s Practical Guide (VPG) to ‘The Wondrous Wheel!’ will help you get up to speed on working both magick and psionics. This is the ultimate guide to techno occult instruments and self-empowerment methods. This particular volume of 'The Wondrous Wheel!' gives you materials for learning kinetic magick and psionics kinesis! That is, you'll learn how to break through the barrier between operations and results in most magick operations.

Listen while you operate psionic magick or easily build powerful radionics!

Vrilock’s Short Audio (VSA) series will help you get straight to the point if you don’t have time to read through the practical guides or my other occult books.

The most important thing to have is the power switch to turn this all on for you. That is something researchers back in the 1970’s were trying to get across to a wide audience of curious readers about the paranormal and mind control technology. Immersing ourselves in the right state of mind is everything. All else follows this initial step in the right direction for psionics and the various schools of magick technology.

Join the Vrilock Occult Insiders Club to get access to powerful documents, audio logs, reports, journals, how-to videos, and my personal messaging system. We’ll train together and get you where you need to be in your magick pursuits!

Just go here to sign up with one of my membership plans!>>> Join as an Initiate and get monthly access. Sign up as an Acolyte and receive six months of access. Enter as an Arch Magus club member so you can sit back and relax for an entire year! You receive materials worth hundreds of dollars for just $29.99 every month! And more!

Until next time…

Keep the magick high!

- Vrilock


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Vrilock VPG3 The Wondrous Wheel!

Learn how to use kinetic magick and tele mechanics (psionics) to speed up results in magick! Break through the barrier between operations and results in psionics! Read the VPG-3 e-Book ‘The Wondrous Wheel!’


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