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The Miraculous Prayer Board Mini

The Miraculous Prayer Board Mini

Prayer Board Mini + Juzu(Jyuzu) bracelet + Pattern

Prayer is typically thought of as fuzzy, wish washy, or just imaginary. The truth is that prayer is powerful, but tends to be unorganized, incoherent, and well the power just sort of goes out into the ether without much guarantee of being hear let alone answered. The Miraculous Prayer Board was designed to overcome this difficulty of ineffective prayer via Psionic manifestation principles.

Our new Miraculous Prayer Board MINI is about as powerful an instrument for Psionic prayer as radionic experts can get. The new Miraculous Prayer Board MINI boasts an elegant medium of semi transparent acrylic, and an aesthetic magic circuit artwork. The double bus lines give equal psychometric infusion power to both hands, and meet at the center of a golden color hexagram, a symbol dating far back into both the Arabian and African histories, as well as the Hindu and Jewish mysticisms.

This MIraculous Prayer Board MINI is meant to be used by operators to manifest all kinds of wishes, dreams, and prosperity. Combine the Miraculous Prayer Board MINI with your rosary or juzu bracelet by placing your prayer items in the center of the board’s artwork. Simply touch your hands to the coiled palm plates, and vocalize or think your prayer. Just a couple of minutes working with your prayer board every other day will bring you closer to your spiritual endeavors. Quiet your mind and spirit body by simply sitting with this Prayer Board MINI in your lap. Lightweight and easy to use! Charge your prayer board with extra energy by holding it up to the sun or shining a light through the semi transparent surface of the instrument. Give your spiritual and meditation a mega boost with this amazing work of art!

We hope you will be the next prayer board operator, and share your manifestation stories and interesting experiences with us. Shop here >>>

Thank you! And... Keep the magick high!


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