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Dorian and the Miraculous Prayer Board Mini

Vrilock Insider Club Members joined forces with Tom Vrilock and Team to practice radionics and the Miraculous Prayer Board Mini over the past week. Our goal: Use psionics and magick to keep Hurricane Dorian off of Florida.

Originally showing a trajectory path straight into the heart of Florida, hurricane Dorian posed a catastrophic threat to Floridians. A club member in Florida had a problem, so he called the V-Team!

And this is our story…

As the slow moving hurricane Dorian approached the coast of Florida, the Vrilock Team posted a psionics project in the Vrilock Insiders Club - Projects Page to accept club members to become participants in a psionic front against hurricane Dorian.

We reduced the category levels down to three, two, and finally to a level one. Threats of tornadoes became real for Virginia, but our primary goal of protecting Floridians was already accomplished. Still, a final adjuration for the east coast was set in place by Tom Vrilock and artist K.A., and we even received some help from a psionic knight and club member as far away as France!

Overall this project allowed club members to practice their skills in the real world with real time events, and master their talents learned in the Vrilock Insiders Club, alongside masters in the Vrilock New Thought-Movement, and the Psionic Brotherhood!

The instrument of choice is the Prayer Board Mini, which is once again now in-stock and available for purchase today! These batches are special. Each prayer board is given a thorough blessing and touched by the psionic might of Tom Vrilock. Like a paladin and warrior of faith, each prayer board is the sword and shield of the Knights of the Psionic Brotherhood.

As always, thank you club members for making the world a better place for humans! We salute you!

Keep the Magick High!

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