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Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure

Halt! Stop right there, young mage. Before you try reseting your password, put your pendulum to the test! Dowsing can save you from haggling and headache!

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Dowsing is of the most important of the arts to learn. Now, most people today would probably expect that dowsing of any kind is sort of an outdated and archaic art, long bereft of place or occupation un our [modern] civilization. Nothing could be further from the truth. This article not only explains why dowsing is important, but also how you can get started learning all about how-to dowse in a short period of time.

Do not neglect to learn dowsing. Dowsing is the psionics imperative! All of radionics, psionics, psychotronics and the magick of mind control is based on the principles of dowsing and divination!

First let us explain what dowsing actually is. And, I will dispel for you the (woo woo) surrounding the concept and actual practice of dowsing, as well as other forms of so-called divination.

Of some importance is to understand the terms being worked with here. Divination and dowsing are terms often used interchangeably, and particularly true in our modern times due to the key-wording value attributed to search engines. Be aware, however, that these terms are indeed different.

Divination refers to the concept behind dowsing that knowledge is coming from a divine source, also known as God, or in some cultures they are the many gods or goddesses, and so on.

Now, while this may be true in some operations involving information from the Cosmic Mind or what is sometimes referred to by Vrilock as the Cosmic All, or by William Walker Atkinson as simply ‘The All’, the information that we tap into begins with whatever kinds of mechanics are taking place in the subconscious mind.

What this means here is that dowsing refers to the acquiring of information from a source that is outside of our ordinary sphere of consciousness. That is, our conscious mind is too busy working out stimulation and information on a level that is basically distractive to any of the subtle levels of information.

Keep in mind here that information is everywhere in the universe. What dowsing does for the person seeking knowledge is to allow that individual to tap into levels of information which ordinarily reside on levels inaccessible to the busy conscious mind. Think of this as something like a search engine or browser returning information to us which is ordinarily not observable to the eyes and ears.

Now, dowsing works rather simply. What happens is that the person who works dowsing is going to select various instruments to work with which establish a relationship to the unconscious and subconscious levels of his or her own mind. The most basic, and in this author’s opinion most reliable, instrument is something called a pendulum.

A pendulum is a pointed weight attached to a string or sometimes to a thin chain. My pendulums include a wooden spinning top attached to a chain, a crystal attached to a chain, and a brass pointed weight attached to a string. I also have a small wooden peg attached to a string with a screw-eye, but the weight is a little too light to work with. Heavier pendulums seem to swing more readily.

How a pendulum works is the argument of the sages of the ages past and present. And there is all manner of nonsense out there pointing to the various powers-that-be overseeing our work and each little operation in dowsing stuff for our personal interests. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dowsing takes place on a subconscious level, and there is nothing religious or supernatural about it.

In short we can access any information that is available to our subconscious mind. We can also extend our reach for information out there in the cosmos which is beyond our ordinary means of cognition, or which is not immediately available to the subconscious levels of the mind. This is accomplished by working with radionics and psionics. And this art is something which is based entirely on dowsing to begin with.

As the pendulum is the most reliable tool for any kind of dowsing we will speak of this in more detail here.

What happens when a dowser (a person who performs dowsing) is holding a pendulum is that the subconscious mind responds to questions from the conscious mind by causing very tiny movements to occur in the involuntary nervous system. It is a proven fact of science that the subconscious mind moves these muscles.

So, what I am telling you here is that the pendulum becomes the operator’s interpreter for whatever it is that his or her subconscious mind can disclose. The best part of dowsing is that the subconscious rarely holds back any available information. That which is determined as unknown simply indicates that the information is not available to the subconscious level of the mind. This is, as I have mentioned, where the use of other instruments comes in to play. Namely, psionics and radionics, sometimes referred to as wishing machines, radiesthesia, or psychotronics.

With this rather lengthy explanation aside I’d like to explain how dowsing still has a place in our modern civilization. As I’ve stated earlier in this article most people would think that dowsing has no purpose in modern times. Think of it. Everyone and their nephew has a smartphone, and over the course of the years most of us have become accustomed to having instant access to information that is available on the internet. That is to say nothing of the seemingly dubious value of being able to use a pendulum to tell the time of day or night. Obviously we can look at our digital watch or check our smartphone to know what the time is. But, I ask you this… Can your smartphone predict what time something important will happen? Of course not. And yet, your pendulum can do exactly this!

Now, we can begin to see more clearly where dowsing has a place in our modern times. Albeit, back in the bad old days of having to hunt for a spot to dig out a water well the art of dowsing was crucial to survival. And having a name like water witch doesn’t do dowsing any credence for the interest or concerns of the modern thinker. But, as I have just pointed out, dowsing is not bound to space/ time as our modern instruments are. And therein lies the advantage. Yet, this is as a matter of course only one of the many advantages of dowsing in our modern times.

Dowsing can also access the invisible realms. Plus we can read people’s personal feelings to better understand relationship problems, and we can access the past. And much more.

Now I bet this dowsing art has you curious. So, if you’d like to learn more, and you want to master dowsing very quickly, I am offering a special deal on my dowsing materials. Check it out!

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The very fact of the matter is that all of psionics and radionics or psychotronics is based on the principles of dowsing and divination.

The better you are at dowsing the more effective you will be at using psionics to influence life and the world at large. These products are going to make the difference in your magick and life!

So, visit the shop and check out my new virtual package ‘Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure’!

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It’s all right here, my fellow magicians! Enjoy the awesome benefits of being part of the Vrilock New Thought-Movement and the Psionic Brotherhood!

Until next time… Keep The Magick High!

Vrilock, signing out!

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals! Shop>>

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