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Psionic Boards and Radionic Boxes

Before answering the question of questions here about the distinguishment between psionics and radionics, I thought I’d throw in this fun picture of my work. What you’re looking at here is Charles Cosimano’s radionic vampire box combined in an arrangement with my Miraculous Prayer Board psionics instrument!

Miraculous Prayer Board Vrilock and Psionic Vampire Charles Cosimano Box

What is the difference between a Wishing Machine or radionic box and a Miraculous Prayer Board? And what are the benefits or limits of both?

First of all a Wishing Machine (produced by Joshua P. Warren) is a radionic box (based on the designs of Charles Cosimano). A radionic box is a passive dowsing machine. This means that we are allowing the subconscious mind to select a numeric value or position of the turned dial to represent or emphasize a thing.

In contrast we can also suppress a represented thing. This is more commonly termed as a balancing rate.

A Miraculous Prayer Board is a psychometric infusion instrument. That is, we use the touch power of reverse-psychometry to influence an image or pattern on the center of a balanced geometric psionic circuit.

How these instruments play a vital role in our individual lives is more often overlooked by the greater majority of people in the world. There is a lot these instruments can help us to achieve in our personal lives, and by extension for the rest of the society.

So, let us begin with the benefits of both radionics and psionics.

Radionics is essentially, as I have stated, the art of dowsing that is integrated with electronics. Basically radionics is machine dowsing. Whereas psionics is mind and machine (willpower applied to machines), wherein the mind is the more important operating component in the arrangements that we work with.

The benefits of radionics is simple.

With a radionic box we can emphasize or suppress a value of any kind that we can imagine. The biggest benefit of radionics is that we can set our will on one thing for a few minutes, and then we just let the machine do the rest of the work for us.

The limits of radionics lies with both the operator and the design of the instrument. But, more so it is the operator that makes the bigger difference than the machine itself.

To get around some of the limitations of radionics Tom Vrilock invented and tested a series of variable machines, which ultimately progressed into something called Psionic Robots. These tunable entities utilized variable machine components to perform various manifestations in objective reality on the operator's behalf. My book 'Psionic Robot - An Artificer's Guide to Anthropomorphic Constructs' is an advanced psionics paperback manual greatly sought after. In fact, and off subject here, this book was stolen by China while in route to Norway. And the book has been watched by multiple foreign sources seeking this knowledge. It can be yours and in the power of the individual right here >>>

Miraculous Prayer Boards, as I have already disclosed here, are touch operated psionic instruments. The prayer board brings all of the operator’s energies or the energies he or she is working with into a balanced work surface.

The greatest benefit of working with a Miraculous Prayer Board is that the results are going to be far more balanced, as this is not a passive instrument but a projective and interactive mind-body-energy circuit.

The limits of the Miraculous Prayer Board really come down to the operator—as is usually the case in working magick of any kind. As well, other people can only be influenced by our desire to make the world a better place, for example. We cannot completely change people with the Miraculous Prayer Board if the individual being worked on is severely mentally or spiritually in discord with the life-force or his or her own spiritual lessons. We can, however, attempt to lay down the helpful tools for a new spiritual life path to open for other people. But, in all honesty, the Prayer Board works far better with natural elements in nature, or with our own energies.

So, the limit of the prayer board instrument is that we cannot change another person’s core—soul. That belongs to the other person, and it is the individual’s lot in life to make these changes.

In simple terms here, psionics is greatly to do with control of mind stuff. So, if we are in a situation where we need to influence other people we have to keep in mind that a certain degree of regular maintenance is necessary to keep good relations going in business, social, and love life. Think about it. While we can make other people excited to be in our presence or associate with us, we cannot change their faults or their true nature at the core of the individual. They will always tend to retrograde back into their old habits - some of which may be very counterproductive to your intentions in the relationship.

So, in essence psionics is going to be your life partner. You’ll need to work with both radionics or Wishing Machines and Psionic Miraculous Prayer Board instruments. As well, a continued learning of the art and craft of psionics is essential to success throughout life in this field of magick.

If my readers here find themselves confused about the world and why we even need psionics, then I invite my readers to listen to my podcasts. We cannot undo the primordial protocol in this world. Life is conflict. We exist in a realm of struggle. Life is conflict between the strong and the weak, the smart and the stupid. (My former psionics and magick mentor used to like to say that.)

Listen to Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast here >>>

My readers must surely understand that human beings live in a world where the almighty State is hard set against the individual. This is apparent in all of the ‘we’ statements employed by government and special interest parties. ‘We’ statements by the way are also notoriously utilized by sociopaths. That’s kind of startling, is it not? Well, it is what it is.

No longer can old mom and dad protect their children, whether one is old or young, from the relentless power of the almighty State. At many levels the individual is constantly under attack. The individual is without a home in a world where all individuals are divided up by ethnicity, gender/ gender confusion, social programming, social engineering, and pushing people apart by their views.

Once upon a time it was our mythos as Americans and the Free People of the Earth to embrace our differences as what makes us beautiful here on this planet.

Vrilock and Team refuse to play the right vs the left, the red vs the blue, and so on. These kinds of political games are dead set against the individual. And the individual, in this writer’s opinion, is an expression of the Cosmic All, a greater conscious awareness of which all people are a part of.

Psionics is our foundation for taking the individual back from the WE, the State, the Machine, and instead control the machine as individuals. This is because with psionics and a little training we can have spiritual experiences without the dictation of the Church or the State. Both are out in my opinion.

Psionics is the future. Psionics is now. Join my psionics club here and take part in global projects, individual training, and a wealth of magick tech content!

It is good to be in the club! and Keep The Magick High!

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