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Vrilock Psionics Robots Radionics Wishing Machines Magick Manual in Print!

Johnny 5 is alive! And the Quickening is upon us! No, I’m not talking about software for doing your taxes. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Oh, what the hell is old Mr. Vrilock talking about?! I’m talking about all the baddy bad stuff floating around in the air, the land, the sea. Yes, folks, we’re being bombarded by technology—hell, even nature is turning against the common person.

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Simple. Despite the various claims to this country or that country doing this and that, there is only one enemy behind the scenes of this big drama-scape. The Elite want us subdued and/ or dead. All of us. Well, at least most of us. And that’s on one of these bad fella’s good days.

So, what can one do about such monstrosities? What monstrosities? How about seals bringing viruses from the North Pole down to California? Yess. Or can we catch our breath trying to get to the grocery store in major cities without worrying that the Corona virus is looming over the town? Will 5G keep us awake in bed, burn into our retinas, and disrupt our natural electrical frequency in our bodies? Hell, they want to jump straight to the Devil’s frequency and say,

“The hell with ‘5’G… let’s do ‘6’!”

Um. Yes. Well. Seems like that might actually be in the cards. Good thing the Psionics Club is working to do something against this frequency invasion!

You know, there’s an old analogy I’d like my subscribers to consider here. And it goes something like this. When we cast a stone in a cat’s direction the cat will look at the stone. When we cast a stone at a dog’s direction the dog will look back at us.

Point in case? Be like the dog. Look at ‘who’ is throwing the stone. All too often the media and social networks will have us scrambling to catch up with the latest calamity or whatever story will offend our heart and soul. But, I tell you that it is all one-in-the-same group we call the Elite, and they’re just pulling what strings they have access to to blunder up our lives. Whether it is winter and we get the latest northern or eastern virus, or if it is summer and these white-shoes boys release engineered mosquitos upon us, the idea is that 24/7 and 365 we’ll be disrupted—by something if not everything all at once.

How do we live?

Well, we are psionics magicians, after-all. We've come a long way since the beginning with Doc Abrams, E.E. Doc Smith, and Charles Cosimano! I’d wager a good guess here is that many of us are reaching for our helmets, wands, and prayer boards about right now! Unfortunately, the reminder to do so is regularly necessary.

So, here’s a reminder!

Use your prayer board to bring nature back into balance with our human species, and vice versa. Use your kinetics and telepathy rods to influence men and women of power to bring technology that is ‘beneficial’ rather than adverse. Influence with your helmet to the middle-class folks to rise up and reject their masters plans. Protests usually fail, but not when the paid-off folks stand up to Big Brother. That actually makes a big difference. And we are seeing some of that difference right now.

But, seriously, can we actually afford to chase down every ill-intended hurdle stone cast in our direction? Hm. The answer to this is that we must work with more advanced means of psionics. To this end I am releasing my paperback ‘Psionic Robot’ this weekend for a reduced price. I want everybody to have one of these books, a true work of art, and with useful scan-to-print control panels so you can easily build your own variable machines and radionic robots. These robots can, if given time and charging, take on global issues on your behalf. That way you don’t have to chase down every bad thing out there with your prayer boards. Believe me—I know what that feels like!

Do yourself a favor. Hell, do our world a favor! Buy Psionic Robot and start learning how to build advanced radionic machines (without expensive components) to make powerful changes in the world.

I can’t do it all by myself. You are all up next to bat! And this world is equally yours as it is Mr. Vrilock's.

Subscribers can get this book ordinarily for $100 ($50 OFF!). Club members can have this book for an awesome $75! We got the deals for our loyal psionic knights and subscribers! And this weekend is even better with a whopping $5 OFF!

These are exciting times, and Mr. Vrilock is counting on all of you to step up and be part of the world solution! Be a key-player in our New Thought-Movement!

Thank you for being awesome supporters of the Vrilock New Thought-Movement and the Psionic Brotherhood!

Until next time…

Keep The Magick High!


Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals! Shop>>

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