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Academies and Elective Courses

Awesome Amplifiers is now live! Get this video course to boost your power!

Continuing the venture into higher spiritual awareness like the great minds including Dr. Patrick Flanagan and Nikola Bernstein, Tesla, Einstein, Herr Doktor Vrilock opens the doors to a new digital era of cyber psychotronics. To accomplish this self-transformation for the many humans of this earth the good Herr Doktor has established a series of academies to train you up in psionics, dowsing, radionics, psychotronics, mind power, psychic influence, manifestation, and some upcoming revisions to the Rune Rise Program and the Hamr of Vrilock! This and much more psionic magick for life mastery and money energy success!

Currently the three bestselling video courses include theVrilock Psionics Academy 101’, ‘Psionic Cryptomancer, and our NEW ‘Awesome Amplifiers’ video course! Three magical must-have items for every wizard, magician, and power hungry sorcerer!

Let’s break these magics down into their greatest applications for our students of magick.

Firstly, the PSIONICS ACADEMY makes you omniscient about radionics, dowsing, and the mind

power we refer to as ‘psionics’! This attainment of knowledge and ability is now possible for the first time in history in just under 3 hours of self-training with the Vrilock Psionics Academy video course! Best of all you are now able to use psionics with very simple and easy to construct instruments without spending a fortune on bogus radionics devices shipped from overseas! With well over 35 years of work in psionics, radionics, dowsing, and magick, Herr Doktor von Vrilock being the first student of the Godfather of Psionics (Charles Cosimano) has what you need at this very moment!!!

Secondly, you could use a little more money. Everybody no matter how rich or poor could always use a little extra mullah, green sawbucks, gold and precious treasures! Be this the much needed money to pay the rent, fulfill a loan, or desired play money, you want currency, riches, wealth, and lots of money! To make the game of life more difficult at a time when we really don’t need world to become any more interesting than it already is—the entire financial system is transcending into the digital universe! Fear not! Vrilock has your favor in mind!

You need to learn about the new system(s), and you need to know it FAST! Annnd... without all the headache of the geeks lust for technical jargon. To this aim Herr Doktor Vrilock began a most imperative

pursuit of developing the simplest and most powerful methods for influence and manifesting digital money!

Thirdly, why work too hard at magick when you can simply AMPLIFY all of your desires? Stream or download Awesome Amplifiers to take psionic manifestation and influence power back into your hands!—And save a fortune on paying for expensive radionics! Herr Doktor Vrilock has managed to change the world with little more than know-how psionics magick knowledge and simple two-dimensional amplifiers combined with some secret never-seen- before magick drawings!!! Only from Vrilock!

Expect our upcoming ebooks variants of the rare Psionic Robot paperback, Psionic Splicing, and Psionic Necromancer to show up in your email! Subscribe to the Newsletter on Vrilock’s homepage! And get the special invite when the newly REVISED HAMR OF VRILOCK full course goes public!

Don’t pass up the power of a lifetime!



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