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Dr. Ingnatova the Invisible Villainess

What's this?? It is THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM! No, I'm joking. It's the penthouse for super villainess Dr, Ingnatova >>

I sometimes wonder if women outperform the men in the role of villain, or in this case villainess. Working the powers of persuasion, Dr. Ingnatova enchanted millions to give up their money under the illusion that they were investing in a new wonder called ‘one coin’. Some sources believed that this villainess may have simply been the victim of a larger ring of criminals manipulating her actions, and only whereupon the Interpol was coming for her did she realize her plight too late. However, we must look deeper to realize that this ‘one coin’ is not the only offense dr. Ingnatova is involved in. As well, the people surrounding the invisible villainess are likewise involved in criminal activities. Do not be fooled by pseudo intellectuals and liberally-empathic podcasters. She’s a villain!

But now, why do I refer to this lady ruja as the invisible villainess? Well, that’s because she’s disappeared for several years—and that’s no small feat considering today’s high tech advancements in satellite technology, google street cams, and police tech surveillance systems. Etc. etc. the all watchful eye can’t find her! Yes. The con artist and scammer of the century who’s been added to the fib’s top 10 most wanted list goes ‘unseen’ by big brother. Now how about that! She must be a magician then. But, I don’t think so. More likely certain characters in certain areas of government are pulling a blanket of wool over our eyes here. A sleight of hand if you will. Surely they could do better than to tell us that she’s wanted on the top 10 list for being a great scammer. She must have done something more than this. Or, she’s a Ponzi covering up other nefarious activities.

Well, well. Her penthouse is in—wtf?—London! Not that she ever lived in it. But, in case you want to see what she did with your money (assuming you could be an investor who fell for her scam) here it is >>

Listen, my Padawan, the majority of people in the world are muggles, and muggles by their nature are mindless follower morons. You’re going to look for things that make your life better, get you what you want, and not sit around whining and crying about how unfair life is. because, complaining about life is strictly for wimps. You outgrow the old ways of which institutions have taught you to be weak, and you are ready for a much larger universe. And if not…

No matter! What you want to know is that this is a good story, and then what do I have to offer you for psychic kicks and perks! So, I’m not going to disappoint you. And, yes, I have a number of sorceress specials to tickle you in places we can’t talk about here.

Firstly, if you really want to go find the invisible she-fiend, the extra-dimensional sheister, madam crypto queen, the nefarious she-devil, dr. Ingnatova, then you have but to pick through the charts in my dowsing packages: psionics academy (new and never-seen-before divination charts you simply print out and knock yourself out with powerful dowsing!), now at 50% off through the end of October!

Or why don’t you just send your magical messengers out to get her? If you really want to. But, hey, you could just as well use these marvels of magick developed over 35-40 years to get your own satisfaction by reaping the benefits of being a psionic wraith, psionic necromancer, psionics adept! How?? Well, haven’t you been listening all this time?!—There’s a wondrous package you get to use to scare all the muggles this halloween—it’s called ‘soul keeper combo’!!! That’s a very special combo that takes you beyond necromancy, and makes you the master of ghostly powers, the ghost internet of the planet, and it’s only the beginning of your journey.

Yes, herr doktor has all manner of world influence, masse influence, remote presence, and psionic robot domination power all at your fingertips and readily yours at the stroke of a keyboard or the swipe and touch of your smartphone!

The power of psionics is in your mind, in your smartphone, in your computer—download some power! You deserve better than this society has to offer you by ordinary means, and you know it!

Now here is your portal to psionic goodies:

Keep the magick high!

Herr Doktor v.


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