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Invest in Vrilock Psionics Metaverse

Consider my idea about the mind community of the future >>

While the term Biofeedback hasn’t been exactly the news of the day, its beginning in the 1970’s has built the foundation we now stand upon today in the R&D pursuit of biometrics and neural computer technology. This is specifically true for brain-to-computer-interface (BCI) where the breakthrough in Psionics for a new Metaverse is fundamental for the prosperity of a new frontier and spatial web community. We may also take into account the realization of Primbram’s holographic model for the universe as a high potential for both the quantum computing research and development, and applied knowledge to build a better Metaverse.

I have a vision of expansion of human potential and instant manifestation. This is why I am open to discussion with the most courageous investors who see that the goal is first to show the future to our community, and then get to work to build that future in s as swift a time frame as possible. But, thankfully, we don’t have to say ‘humanly possible’ but rather cyborg possible! This is because these machines I envision, the code I dream of, and the collaboration of many talented and disciplined people will come together in my company as we grow. One of my greatest aspirations is to show to you a VRilock Psionics Metaverse where in people will mentally see inside their minds the world’s oceans and mentally project into the seas to swim with dolphins and other cetaceans.

Moreover, through this series of real time remote experiences humans will become aware of the necessity—the urgency—of a green technology, of preserving of nature, by firsthand seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly as a result of human activity and as well natural balance in the environment.

Seeing is believing.

Remote presence is a feeling of responsibility.

Your will to invest in VPM, Inc. will make this possible and a reality sooner than you may know. But come find out for yourself. Join my Chairman and myself in a private conversation that could fundamentally change the way people are aware of their sharing a life-force with the planet. This and a challenge to heal mental illness. Spiritual growth. Expansion of knowledge and abilities.


Herr Doktor V.


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