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Metaphysics of Materials for Psionic Magick Wizards

Students asked about the metaphysical aspects of a miraculous prayer board mini. Namely, why the heart chakra vs the solar plexus? Why different materials of copper vs brass, gold, acrylics, and so on.

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The difference between materials I might answer first.

When asked if copper has any different outcome or more power than brass, tin, gold, silver, etc., my answer is that this depends on the operator and the pursuit.

If the operator is working solely on psychical sendings then the choice of materials is in most cases irrelevant, unless the operator ‘feels’ there’s a need for a certain material intuitively. The same pattern made with copper cut lines and then another pattern drawn simply with ink upon paper is going to have nearly indistinguishable results in magick. The only difference is the feeling or interaction the operator might have, such as the power which comes from hand drawing a sigil with a pen and paper vs gluing foil and copper fittings into an arrangement.

However, when working with some spirits such as familiars and elementals the choice of materials can have an influence on the outcome, namely the comfort (or lack thereof) for the spirit called into an environment. A spirit of fire, for instance, is less likely to experience familiarity or comfort in a vessel of glass with a magnetic attractor made of feathers and dry earth. In the latter pursuit the magician or witch would find it difficult to gain full cooperation of the elemental.

There are some materials which work well in some psychic and psionics operations; Namely, styrofoam and foil, combined with things like crystals. Styrofoam is excellent for working with static energy, which does seem to hold a good charge for working with wish-forms and variable machines. Obsidian works very well for storing powers of kinetics or for crafting psionic robots.

Crystal balls work well for different elementals such as water spirits. Certain crystals depending upon where they were gathered can work well for fire elementals, but in most cases I would simply work with a partially burned match or a small rock of yellow sulfur as a magnetic attractor. For air spirits I might elect to work with feathers or bubble packaging wrap—even better, a completely empty vessel. Ceramics is the ideal material for a vessel expected to house a fire elemental with some earthy qualities in the mix—great for material gain.

Wood is the standard for building radionics boxes. Plastics may be substituted. However, metal boxes are not recommended as we wish to ensure that only certain components of the radionics box are conductive metal.

Geometries have certain values. Some are intrinsic values, while others are more or less abstract. (For beginners I recommend working with basic magick objects like rods, cones, discs, cups, and swords. These shapes and forms have intrinsic values. For instance a rod represents communication and traveling; whereas, a cone concentrates all of the energy for a circle into a fine point. Discs are platforms or shields. And swords are combative defenses. Cups are merely receptacles for energy, but can be used to transfer or transport energy.)

When we embrace the Vrilock Psionics Philosophy we are in effect learning to travel inward, work our way from within to the world without. And by doing so we are capable of using psionics to influence that which is ordinarily beyond our reach. People have often asked me questions about psionics without bothering to learn about my philosophies; Questions such as which radionics machine is going to change my life, or does this or that material work psi powers better than Orgone generators or paper print magick sigils, etc., etc. And, to this I must remind my students that psionics is first of all the beginning of accepting a simple truth that we are made of mind-stuff, that reality is conscious and conscious that we are aware of this wondrous matrix, and furthermore that we are able to interact with any machine or technology on the planet whether that technology manifests as a machine sitting on our desk in a laboratory or if it is the telephone cables and antennas spiring from aloft the mountains—We can remotely access this because of a simple attitude of acceptance of being a psionic super being.

Some of this thinking is uncomfortable for the ordinary and average Joe on the street. But, think of it this way… When you want success you have to learn to get a little unconventional, which is often uncomfortable for most people. But you’ll get used to it. And you’ll embrace being different for a change. That difference is the change you’re seeking in some whack job of quackery machines. Face the facts: radionics for the most part is really only useful to psionics as props for our focused concentration, imagination, and creative minds: The magical lifestyle!

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Herr Doktor V.

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