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Penetrate All Mysteries! Learn Any Secrets!

Herr Doktor V. teaches YOU how to reach the part of your mind which has access to nearly all answers in the known universe! We take an adventure through the fantastic realms of the Necromancer Elite, delve into weird variable machines, awesome amplifiers, and the mysteries of divination, dowsing, and fortune telling secrets! From knowledge gain in a life abroad where the dark arts still hold sway, Herr Doktor V. delivers to you Necromancer Elite Dowsing Kit! It is indeed the only Vrilock kit with a tri-glyph pyramid pendulum head--limited batch!

Vrilock Psionics Keep The Magick High!

Be one of the few to own this psionic pendulum imbued with magical power!

Penetrate all secrets! Solve mysteries which baffle the majority! Be in the right place at the right time by Knowing exactly where, and when, to be someplace! Never miss the mark!

However priceless this kit is 25% off when you join the Vrilock Insiders Psionics Club! A club boasting 5 years of additional content, audio, and videos after your club membership dues! Join the club! Where witches and wizards Keep The Magick High!


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