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Occult Podcast! Podcasting the Heroic vs the Villainous Magician‼️

Vrilock. Darkness. Insight or Oblivion? Psionics Podcast.

🆕🎙️Occult Podcast! Podcasting the Heroic vs the Villainous Magician‼️

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Hello Friend of Vrilock!

In a world of shadows, even heroes must learn to see in the dark.

The Paradox of Internal Awareness in Heroic and Villainous Imagery is astounding, until we come to realize that human consciousness changes from one moment to the next. When we explore the concept of internal awareness, it’s intriguing to consider why Vrilock often associates the magician’s image with the villainous archetype rather than with heroic image like--spiderman. The answer is in the contrasting perspectives—something Batman might be more familiar with than someone like, say... Superman. Let us consider these contrasting perspectives in finer detail together in tonight's Psionics Digerati Podcast!

Stay tuned, dear seeker. The next illumination awaits you! 🎧🔮

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