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Psionic MONEY or TOO LATE?

The inherent value of psionics is often overlooked by the many. Ultimately this is unfortunate for the many as the world evolves in to the next era of superior technology and new digital currencies which are set to rise in value. I’ve always found it better to buy in cheap, at the lowest possible point I can afford before the expense climbs—and the expense of crypto currencies are likely to skyrocket exponentially.

Churches are already beginning to accept bitcoin as a donation since most younger people don’t carry cash around with them. The value in these currencies increases when big banks like J P Morgan Chase invest in crypto currencies and the R3 blockchain, CORDA software for blockchain, rumored Kadena token, and other digital pursuits which are changing the world right now! Not at some point in the distant future as many skeptics presume.

Where PSIONICS becomes important in the very next few weeks of your life is a mindset and technology too perilous to miss out on the benefits you will reap from easy to follow instructions and entertaining video courses, comic book illustrated magick tech manuals, and instantly downloadable audible psionics power!

As values change and transform our world in the. New digital frontier, people will quickly begin creating their own realities! This is a technological fact! The upside is for those who master fundamentals of psionics NOW! Before prices go up well past the dollar value due to the power of digital assets and virtual real estate. Yes the Vrilock Psionics Shop will continue to accept fiat currency on products, but those prices will very well spike when the entire world of money transforms into reality altering digital assets and currencies.

The downside is for those who do not master the basics of psionics right now and today! The fundamental reason for this loss to the many is a law of reasoning—You don’t use it and you lose it! Then there is the lack of training in the multitude of persons ready to allow technology to tell them what reality is. The distinguishment between those with personal power and prosperity to those misfortunate and dominated by their own devices and technology will become immutably clear to you in some weeks from now. If not then, you will begin to catch on too late by the early quarter of next year (2022).

Being a techno-mage and psionicist of some sympathy for what remains of the humanity, I give this final forewarning after so many years of ushering people into the new mind control and manifestation power of psionics...

Learn now before it is too difficult to afford to learn!

Here’s the good news... I have one power packed academy consisting of video course and documents to make you psionic and self-empowered. You’ll learn the most fundamental to intermediate level of psionics in less than 3 hours. Plus, I am building a very special short video course to help you master the psionics of money and global influence which I expect to complete soon. BUT... You MUST possess the power and knowledge of Vrilock Psionics Academy before venturing into my various recipes and psionics cookbooks for micromanaging realities.

Before it is too late, go to and download Vrilock Psionics Academy. After taking the academy let me know if you have questions about the course, two documents or video lecture, and I’ll return your message within 72 hours of receipt. To contact me go to and fill out one of the two forms on that page.

And it is that simple and easy—It would be a terrible and unalterable disaster to miss out on this training if you are a free-minded and freedom loving individual!

Join the Vrilock Psionics Avengers in the club when you are ready to take the full philosophical and metaphysical journey with Dr. Vrilock, H.c.! to REALLY Keep The Magick High!




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