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Psionics Nanotechnology

Just as nanotech was unrealized when artists used gold and silver particles to create stained glass art in medieval churches hundreds of years ago; So, also, today many of the technologies employed are unrealized psionic super power mechanisms. Albeit, remotely. But nonetheless—

This is one of the reasons I’ve emphasized to my many students to take psionics as somewhat of a priority in their training and development—Because it places you ahead of the game in this period of civilization that is making a significant transition into digital identity; Potentially, digital conscience.

As there is a lot of territory to cover, we should consider some of the many options for a well trained and seasoned occult psionicist.

Psions influence the reality with pure mental power. Psionicists are psions who work mind to machine wizardry, accessing machines either local or remote to achieve amplified effects in altering reality or conforming the world to his or her will.

Here’s a fun trick you can try to get the hang of working with remote psionic apparatuses. Grab a flashlight. Go outside. Point the flashlight at a telephone wire. As you stand on the ground pointing up at the telephone cable or at the pole going up to the wire, think your thought-form to go out and make something happen. Your energy carried by your aura through the flashlight and into the wires will be magnified and sent to other electromagnetic amplifiers along the waves of the wires.

So, the more that you do this the better that you will get at this technique. And there are a number of other methods you can try as well. For instance, you can influence the lottery numbers remotely. Although, you’re unlikely to get all six numbers in a row to line up exactly, you can get very, very close—and that in and of itself is a lot of fun; Mainly because you’re now using the powers of the true ‘outsiders’, that is those spirits who have discovered immortality, or whom have always been immortal, and you are no longer a slave to the system that everyone else is nailed down by. You have real power that you may exercise and use how you wish. This places you outside of the system. Instead of being the antagonist in a story you are becoming the author of the story. Think of the spirits that you summon in magick as being the ‘ghost writers’ helping you to fill in the details of this story in areas you overlook or cannot imagine. That’s the relationship of the magician to his or her magick, and the sorcerer to his or her spirits.

You can also learn to remotely ride satellites with your mind and amplify your mental signals psionically by telling a thought form to broadcast over the satellite like a carrier wave to whatever regions the satellite passes. Moreover, you may access other chains of satellites which are called artificial constellations, and use these to generate random events, much like a distant sensing remote radionics unit that you contact from your mind. But in order to begin doing this you need to first practice with sensing objects that you plant around the house. Then you can branch out to places where you’ve been and try to set a remote beacon at these places—such as your classroom or a restaurant that you ate at—especially if the waitress was really hot, and you want to leave a thought-form at the cash register or the waiting room to make her day dream about you until the next time you come back in to have coffee or sit down to eat she’ll be ready to give you her phone number.

Also you can work on nations, regions, communities, and indeed abstract concepts like money, cryptocurrency, NFT king pins, blockchains, social groups, and much more.

But now let us speak of the subject of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology could be the real icing on the cake for a lot of really die-hard magic-loving chaos magicians, and indeed even more so the ultimate breakthrough for those of us few true psionicists. Because, let’s face it…. Radionics enthusiasm doesn’t mean you’re a psionicist. Radionics is just radionics. Psionics is a lot more than radionics. Indeed, radionics is rather outdated. It’s simply a great business for selling shoeboxes with dials and some really great amplifier tubes or other components like hexagram circuits—I’ve got my own electrically powered hexagram circuit box—and maybe precious metals like gold, some crystals, diodes, and the use of gemstones like emerald. But psionicists are remote presence operators. We are tele-mechanics operators. We are group mind controllers. We are influencers of regions. We are, in a nutshell, remote influencers, and sometimes we are skirmishing warriors and local enchanters. What makes us all alike, though we are each of us very unique, is our focus on raw mental influence. The power of our mind and that of our fiery will. The rest is commentary.

Now, with nanotech we could influence the way atoms behave on a much greater level of coherency, efficiency, and in ways so damn amazing we’d be like gods in the flesh! You may one day have this opportunity to speak to nano bots with your mind and instantly remove the brown stains on your teeth, adjust your hearing to understand what is driving your dogs nuts in the backyard, or even connect with remote star ships in the distant future via the advent of artificially intelligence at the level of nano size. Your thought forms might even ‘materialize’ into constructs that you can see just like a scene from a comic book like the Green Lantern. Imagine wielding a 30’ glowing hammer and bringing it down to wipe out a tank rolling in to your town from some barbarous nation seeking to run things amuck in your part of the world. Imagine having invisible companions you could see, speak to, and send off to pick up a pizza for you.

Well, these things sound far fetched to some folks, but—aiming high is better than aiming low. We’ll get something out of this nano tech, whether it is something fantastic or less fantastic—but it will still be very huge for us in terms of what we can do with it whether the effects are spectacular or coincidental in the way psionics and nanotech is manifested. It WILL be GREAT!

Listen… if you don’t do this then someone else is going to do all this for you. What I mean is that the tyrants of the world have already got a nanobot with your name on it! Just like forcing you to take a real ID card to travel… So also will you be processed by these new digital and nano sized control mechanisms. If you don’t believe me then know this… nanotech is so important that the technology has its own dedicated government web address. That’s right… a government site that is strictly all about nanotech. That’s how important it is to government. It’s just like going to IRS DOT GOV OR WHITE HOUSE DOT GOV—There’s a government web site called NANO.GOV !!!

So, I’d assume there’s some relevance in that for you. Especially if you’re not too trusting of global powers.

In any event, beginning to practice working with something called ‘micro pk’ or ‘incidental psychokinesis’ at the ‘micro level’ will help you get ahead in the big game of upcoming nanotech being populated into the so-called ‘Internet of things’ or IoT.

This should be enough for you to work on. So, until next time we have this merry little gather, I want to remind you all to Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor signing out!


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