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Psionics Technology and Visions

Psionics Training, Psionics Technology

Build your own radionics, psychotronics, and psionics technology easily with Vrilock Psionics Club Membership!

Psionics training leads to developing your very own psionics technology. I always remind my club members that your own hand-built gadgets work better than commercial radionics, psychotronics pseudo sciences, and the so-called psionics contraptions sold for outrageous costs to you.

Just recently I was having a conversation with club member Alex Lopes about his video he sent me where he built his very own psi headband from a leather belt. The conversation was picked back up again a week later when Alex informed me that he was experiencing visions that would freeze, and then fade out when he wore his psionic headband.

Well, those are the same kinds of visions I’ve received over the past 35 years whilst building the greater majority of my own psionics technology and psionics instruments at home. I’ve podcasted about my encounters with shadow beings, the golden lady, ancient gods, UFO’s, and alien-like entities many times. The thing is, the way in which these psionic visions manifest leaves a tell-tale signature I can recognize when my students report their findings to me in the! So, for me, it’s real easy to identify successful operations, and measure the success and psionics training of my students of psionics technology.

Let’s check out Alex Lopes’ homemade psionics headband video! >>

Now, it is your turn to be a super psionics champion! Join the club! $29/mo or save on annual memberships!

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.


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