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Psionics Technology Training Learning Abilities and Sigils

Psionics Technology Training Learning Abilities and Sigils is a topic of interest to many people learning psionics. In this post I detail some key areas of two-dimensional patterns for metaphysics, and we'll cover three-dimensional patterns in an upcoming post. For those of you who want the full monty on psionics, take the Psionics Video Course--NOW 50% OFF ALL OCTOBER! >>

I’m asked a lot about sigils, amplifiers, and personal life quick fixes, as well as how to use sigils and 2-D magick for improving learning abilities, studies in school or personal pursuits in academia. I have vast experience in all of these areas of interest. So, I’m going to podcast about these topics. Some topics more specific to club members will be produced in the insiders psionics club, while more common interests about resolving everyday life problems I will broadcast through the public channels.

One thing I was asked about just recently at 4 o’clock in the morning was about how to deal with a violent spouse when one has a child. And the answer to this is kind of important to a number of people experiencing these types of marital difficulties. That answer is that “your child’s well-being takes precedence over your spouse in such a situation”. It’s true in my mind. When one gets married one is bound to side with his or her spouse over family members. However, the moment a child is conceived, that child is the gem of the new family. So, the child must be protected and cared for up until that child is ready to take his or her journey into the world as an adult. I prefer to be simple and straight-forward about these things.

As for sigils and amplifiers—Well, I did an entire video course on Awesome Amplifiers, which was considerable work putting together. So, I recommend it to anyone looking into amplifier patterns for quick results.

Sigils, however, are truly amazing. When I worked with Forneus for language learning in very early years of colleague I experienced wondrous insights into languages; It was as if I could read in between the lines of my textbooks, and when listening to other people speak I could pick up subtle cues which told me a lot more about language than the textbooks pointed to.

The experiences I’ve had with sigils do go beyond mere subtle cues. For instance, when we lie down in the ‘earth position’ and go into a calm trance state, there are untapped faculties which open to the individual. It is my conjecture that the metaphorical ‘absent-minded professor’ or ‘stupid genius’ is really an individual who is detached to some degree on one of the finer mental levels from the physical brain. That detachment or slight ‘out-of-body’ condition permits the ‘other’ senses on the astral and mental planes - albeit, the nether world - to open up to the individual’s awareness.

So, in a nutshell here, the more detached we are from our little prison bodies, the more the universe is open to us. Likewise, this holds true with the degree of ‘spectacularity’ in our experiences vs the rather ‘subtle’ hunches more common in working with simple paper magick arrangements. As we train and adopt the psionic philosophy of Herr Doktor Vrilock, we also begin to truly live within the awareness of this flimsy veil between realities—so to speak. It can be rather like the difference between being lost in the wilderness with nothing but your skin on—to being in the woods with survival gear and a powerful GPS device synched to a drone flying overhead. The latter is what psionics does for you.

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