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The Armchair Magician's Guide to Remote Omnipresence and Elemental Servitors!

Spirits are at your door. But you have to open the portal to let them in to your mind! Knock-knock! Who’s there? No. Don’t bother getting up. I’ll answer the door for you! Why, it’s Herr Doktor Vrilock! That’s who! And have I got a story to match tactics and style for you! Magick hour! In no uncertain terms are you to do any hard work today. To be perfectly clear you are going to have fun just relaxing, chill’n like a villain, and commanding the forces of the universe to do your bidding! Facilitate Spirits Power Now! >> (Audiobook gives you spirit energies as you follow the guiding voice of magus Vrilock!)

Yes! YOU! Oh, great commander of spirits and the operator of cosmic powers you are! Slipping into your comfy chair and twirling your villainous mustache with a gleam of sardonic amusement in your eye, your psionic brain hones in on the apple of the business world and you want to make it yours! You must have its treasures! Albeit, perks and coupons are nice, but you really want to seize shares of stock, command the company to build things that you like! And catapult your ideas to a whole new stratosphere of wealth, power, and success! Relax. Villain, remember? Now then, with the knowledge Herr Doktor Vrilock is about to share with you there will be little difficulty at all in obtaining all that you so desire!


Now, it is important to understand something about the journey into remote presence and remote influence. In this epic journey you are placing your mind into one company but likely having its offices and myriad agents spread across the world! You desire to hold this globe of prospects in your gloved hand and wield the brilliance of its contributing minds, the power of its workforces, and influence the wealth of its many top of the line investors! Why? Because you want to become familiar with their energy signatures and control what they do in the world!

Your spirits assist you through this journey out of linear time and beyond the spheres of ordinary dimensions. The activities and all possibilities of the parties so involved in your chosen company coalesce with your thoughts, and the many offices and agencies become a convergence of experience in your mind. You are opening portals through the powers of your involved spirits. The distinction between here and now dissipates into the background of your awareness, and all becomes as the ether— Your blackboard for drafting your ultimate ultimatum for which these subjects must comply.

Every magical tentacles of your servitors—so thus created and further empowered by ancient spirit sigils—finds its way into every corner of every office of this company. All that can be known funnels into your complex and dynamic psychotronic brain!

You are a psionic superhuman!!!

Now of course, keep in mind that you will need to craft your servitors per various operations. Whether you are simply empowering your servitors with ancient glyphs or actually using my psionic splicing methods, there are some simple components which we derive from the greco-elemental table, for which Herr Doktor will reveal to you now!

From the powers of the great four watchers of biblical times, and going even further back in time to the world of the primitive, the earth was ruled by the resident elemental, the first children of the great primordial darkness that was the cosmic-all before the earth and the stars were born into the chrysalis of light and order. The behemoths of the firmament waded in both the infernal magma and the darkest waters of the deepest oceans. The heart of the earth concealed a black sun of Vrilockian vitality which beat in the bestial hearts of the giants wading knee- deep in the depths of a forming sphere of life!

These primordial powers followed later by the ancient names of lore and grimoires answer to you. Firstly, I recommend that you plot your ideas for crafting servitors by a series of simple steps.

Print out the image of the four elements in this post, and then allow it to dry.

Cut small strips of paper and write on these papers certain qualities that you would like your servitor to possess.

Now, assign each quality to an element. Try to match up your scraps of paper to one of the four watchers (corners of the elemental chart). Using pendulum (Dowsing Media Package) or rubbing plate decide if these qualities match the elements you intuitively selected. (See ‘radionics’ in the Psionics Academy 101 video course [Now available to ‘rent’].) Go here! >>

Move and match the qualities to these elements, and then configure the words you would like to combine into a command phrase.

Now, for those of you who are new to crafting servitors there is a good book called Psionic Robot' to help the would-be arch-magus summon elemental powers into modern and workable instruments.

Of course, if you’re not in a hurry there is the club shop where you can purchase a year and sit around to browse the Insiders Shop which our secret wizard’s virtual haven resides, taking advantage of libraries, audios, and elective materials—and to each magus his own pursuits!

ONE OF MY REALMS UNDER MY OTHER PEN NAME I CREATED AND PLACED INTO THE COLLECTIVE MIND OF MAJOR LEADING SOFTWARE GIANTS! YEAH! PSIONICS GIVES YOU POWER TO CONTROL FORCES THAT YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO OWN! WHICH MEANS YOU’LL NEVER BE LIABLE FOR ITS DOWNTIMES. In time, with a little knowledge and training, you will possess so much power in both the spirit and mental psionic levels that you will literally carve out your own spirit realms to lay over this reality and rule it!

Keep The Magick High!



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