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The Clone Egregores

Psionic Servers, Clones, and Drones >>

Deep in the heart of generative evil technology, in the lair of psionics power master Herr Doktor Vrilock… Two of the world’s leading super powers brew disruption in the new normal and body social… Pop! Out comes another Cosimanian on the conveyor belt of this glorious villain factory! And in the control rooms deep under the surface of formalities, we impose our will upon the earth controllers shouting in frivolous praise “KEEP THE MAGICK HIGH!”

Herr Doktor Vrilock introduces you to generative evil clones and egregores for a reason: You need to digitize your psionic mind for future prospects NOW! This will give you an advantage in the days ahead! The future is ours!

To enact the powers of the digital self we need to combine a series of very specialized teachings:

These combined will give you the ultimate technomancer magick you need to seize the global powers for your own!

The choice to enter a new world of individual power is yours. With this same ability I can influence the creation of game remakes, trends in businesses, turns of nations from old ideas into new ideas. But much more is possible with the rise of A.I. nodes. Stay tuned!


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