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There and Back Again! Embracing Vrilock Psionics!

How to defeat being defeated! Read on!

The book of secrets is within your reach! The tomes of power revealed to you! Yet, your hand falls short, and you shrug. “Why should I? Why should it be me?” You ask yourself, as you solemnly return to the ordinary world, surrendering to miserable ignorance and servitude. You pause in mid stride and realize, “But it doesn’t have be that way. It—could be me!” Realizing that the latter speaks truth you reflect upon what has been holding you back from greatness. And in truth it ‘should’ be your greatness before bowing to the system of society!

I should think that at one time or another all of us gave up before we even got ourselves started in the path to success. You want to master psionics, and you desire the power, but you’ve forgotten that it takes some effort to earn the core fundamentals under your belt. And it will cost to pay passage through this threshold into the larger universe. Yet, you know that nothing should stand in your way of achievement. So, you write down the excuses that you’ve made for yourself. You concentrate on the reasoning, the feelings deep down, and you are ready to make changes once you light up the page of ridiculous excuses and watch it burn. You walk up to a bridge carrying a heavy pack on your back. It’s baggage and you know what’s in there—excuses! So, you watch the water rushing toward you and under your feet, and taking this cumbersome burden off of your shoulders you drop the pack into the water, along with all of its gloomy contents.

You’re free now! Or so you believe. There’s still that trove of mystical treasures you must plow through! So, you begin with Psionics Academy video course; and find that you thoroughly enjoy the fun style of learning Psionics from the first student of the grand master of psionic power! Video course >>

Now you have the core fundamentals and you may expand yourself into the various electives in other areas of exciting psionics interests! The power of the universe now answers to your call at the turn of a dial and the flick of a switch.

Moreover, you can command the elements, call up the dead, and order legions or conquest entire nations with little more than a willful thought!

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!


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