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Trials of Rune Work

Of what is required to succeed in rune work I shall speak of here. The purpose is to clarify a common misunderstanding of the path working of runes. You may not have known that there is path work in runes, but you’re going to know a whole lot more after absorbing this argument.

In the initial stages of the runes we learn something about the origins of the runes, the ancestry (Norse), myth, and of course the gods and goddesses, and their worlds attributed to the general lore surrounding the runes. This is the runes at a glance so to speak, and just about every new age bookstore has a best-seller or two on the topic. But, when we begin the actual rune work there are transformations which manifest in the practitioner which you will now learn about.

It is often assumed by the young magician that we draw up patterns, glyphs, staves, and perform rituals to achieve some external manifestation. This is perhaps more true with the medieval grimoires. However, this is completely outside the scope of the practice of runes. Runes are internalized. The runes are said to exist or pre-exist in those whom have the DNA of the ancients. But, this latter point is highly debatable, and goes beyond the scope of this argument. Suffice it is to state that the runes grow with us as we work with these wondrous glyphs. As my body builds, as my hair grows out, so, too, do the runes I work with adhere to the changes in my body, mind, and spirit—and vice versa. You might imagine a metaphorical scene: You begin the journey planting a seed right where you stand. The seed sprouts, and the vines of this horticulture life-force wrap through your energy body, subtle anatomy, and your physical shell. Your solar plexus glows with each breath of life as if you were fanning an internal furnace. Throughout your entire body and being the runes grow your strength. This is internalizing the runes.

Another area of some interest is that of the journey you will take up as you pursue rune work.

During my seven years of working the rune course in ‘The Nine Doors to Midgard’ I experienced some transformations, but also a series of trials of endurance, intelligence, wit, and reflecting upon wisdom I had attained throughout my study.

Thurisaz manifested for me as a series of old wounds opening to new pains, torrential rains—31 landslides in Hiroshima (I was there on ground zero the night it happened)—and coming to realization that I was plighting against opponents and adversaries who were far more established than myself in society, business, and position.

With Urusz I passed through stages of changing habits to improve my health, and push out weaknesses to expand my opportunities. I wrestled with regaining my strength that I had lost to unwholesome habits. The rune reminded me to rekindle my will every day. And in the external synchronicities I experienced some of the worst earthquakes of my life. One so big that the island of Kyushu split into a new canyon, and one prior to this which took out the power plants in the mainland of Japan.

Before each incident worthy of my attention to subtle details, there were often structures I would see passing along in the car off to the side of the road which had hidden the shapes of the runes relevant to upcoming experiences I would have. Construction sites with incomplete structures resembling Ur rune. Someone displaying artwork resembling Elhaz or a reference to Thor. And so on.

During my later years, and I believe it has been over 12 years to date of this writing, I experienced the transition of my mind, my heart, and even projecting to those around me the qualities of wunjo and othal. Both positive and negative aspects of the runes have been illuminated to my conscience, and my self made aware of the polarities of these runes. Runes remind me to measure my steps, reflect upon myself, my self, and seek the balance of my lot in life.

What I wish for you to keep in mind is that you will be set upon a journey into working out your path in life. Do not expect to rist runes or inscribe these glyphs, and then have something detached from yourself manifest. Rune work ties deeply to who we are. And the good news for you is that who you are will improve. But, not without trials.

For instance, much of what I have wanted took years to come into possession of. I had to be right to gain the right to title, position, recognition, and estate.

Rune work is not good for one who remains a thief or a liar. For, one who lies to himself or herself is defeating the purpose of taking this pursuit of self-transformation. You cannot change what you deny. The runes will only reveal to you these things you need to change.

When you’re ready, take the Vril: Fire & Ice course to learn about changing your lot in life. We call this web of synchronicities the web of Wyrd, and we work with something called our ‘orlog’. In my video course you will learn the prime runes, the primordial polarities of the universe, and how to masterfully empower your mind’s eye to work great rune magick! Rune magick hacked by psionic empowerment!

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.


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