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Ultra-Large Astronomical View from the Mind's Eye Discovered by Science

Discovery by astronomer Alexia Lopez
Discovery by astronomer Alexia Lopez

Ultra-Large Celestial Structures Enter Our Universe

Decades ago, I was learning to focus on my mind’s eye and center in the Ajna or brow chakra. During my sessions I would hold all of my focus on one fixed spot over my forehead. As I became adept at sitting for extended periods of time there was an interesting transformation in the ordinary faculties… I began to see a circle and an arc in my mind’s eye. This image of a pair of celestial signs was followed by arcane information flowing into my consciousness. What I was looking at were interpreted as signs of the sun and the moon in a harmonious balance. This was followed by visions of far away star systems.

Today I decided to look at my news curated for me in my browser by A.I. and discovered a nice surprise! Two ultra-large structures traveled 6.9 billion light years to reach our universe. Seemingly via coincidence these structures posted in the image from this article look nearly identical to the vision I was repeatedly seeing in my third eye!

Discovery by astronomer Alexia Lopez
Discovery by astronomer Alexia Lopez

Have a look at these visitors from beyond the stars! Article link included for your review and consideration.

What this experience indicates at least on the most fundamental level (If not a cosmic message) is that the human mind transcends space and time as we know it. The old teachings of the arcane schools of wisdom have some solid understanding of this realization about the human mind, and particularly the occult mind, that the mind exists independently of the construct that we know of as ‘the universe’. Perhaps this is stretching ideas a little too far for science, but in my own experiences I was able to peer out into the cosmos without scientific assistance. This is not to say that we should dismiss science. Rather it is wise to readjust our human reasoning as we experience existence, life, and the pursuit of the great mystery!

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