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VPM, Inc.'s BCI MMI Updates for Investors

Today's VPM, Inc. and VRilock Psionics Metaverse corporate post is to address prospective investors with VPM, Inc.'s expressed interest in pursuing funded development of new BCI/MMI gear for tackling mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and for building creativity and focus in the would-be users of our products we envision. I will begin with a very simple outline of neuroscience where the discipline is employed for testing EEG and biofeedback training.

Let us begin...

Pyramid neurons, for which are in indefinite count, continuously move up/down the cerebrum, producing electrical activation and deactivation; an activity which is associated with brainwaves. For mental training we are looking for a repeatable pattern which then will prompt certain sounds and images that VPM Inc will have prepared in myriad applications. Because we will employ artificial intelligence (rather neural networks) the user will require no training in EEG technology as a prerequisite for practical applications in their daily lives.

Furthermore, in the applications designed by VPM, Inc. the user will have the opportunity to create in-game 'constructs' which will have a limited intelligence; However, these constructs will continute to generate their own 'synthetic data' in order to instruct (teach) artificial intelligence, and thereby solving a universal problem of insufficient data to build the ultimately imagined global artificial intelligence. This may include the use of blockchains, and willfully a partnership with one of the world's leading tech giants. One lucky partner.

Highly desirable is a new kind of hardware to pair with our software development projects; As I have experimented with some vendors' headgear designs, and I found it to be less than satisfactory for practical application (Endless setup delays, and [IMHO] inaccurate readings for home users), and I have read through reviews of other said BCI/ MMI devices on the past/ current market, it is irrespective of popular claims that we aim to overachieve our goals with the new development of a psionic headband, power ring, and software applications under one umbrella: VPM, Inc. and partnering investors.

In closing this address to prospective investors, VPM, Inc. will resolve the current inefficiency in independent or hidden knowledge to build psionics (paranormal phenomena applied to engineering concepts) by employing the more experienced and seasoned technicians of advanced sciences of the mind.

If you're bored of the usual sensational rhetoric on SNS these days, then I invite you to inquire about our ventures by contacting our chairman, Mr. Oleg Feldgajer. >>

Thank you! And,

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.



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