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VRilock Psionics Metaverse: Thor and Thurisaz

Crossing the streams of energy of the Thurses and the Aesir is the embodiment of perfection known to us as Thor. Thor is the warrior and defender of both the gods and of humans, relentlessly and untiringly holding the will of the Aesir in all that is the rune might and mane of the lovable red bearded Thor.

Thor's rune is Thurisaz. Also known as Thurs. Also known as Thorn. It is the realization of true will which comes from grasping virulent forces with the will of consciousness that is Thurisaz rune power. The thorn is a terrible thing to grasp, and yet the power to weild power grants gain only to the tried and true. These forces which prick the seeker of power or knowledge make themselves known to the magician and rune worker in often a rude awakening. So, the rune of Thurisaz can be associated with pain; But, as the saying goes "No pain. No gain."

One who feels a pain which cannot be readily dressed or remedied, but whom also routinely wallows and wails is not yet in control of the rune of the Thurses. To understand, the Thurses were the giants of chaos in both legend and lore. Thor was born of a giantess and the Aesire god Odin his father. Thor so choosing to serve consciousness is aligned to the laws of order, and he is master of the powers of raw brutish force. Force controlled by conscience.

It is force controlled by conscience which is all that psionics is. Thus, we might say that the ebb and flow of conflict and of opposites is the energy of psionics. But more so, psionics is mindfulness. Albeit, a mental focus often accompanied by methods of machines or electronics to project and manfiest results in the world in accordance not to the forces of nature, but to the will of the individual.

Thurisaz to the enlightened is not an intrusive penetrating force, but rather a part of the magician himself; for all runes are within us all. And all throughout the world and the cosmos is of the runes and their gods. and Keep The Magick High!



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