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What is Psionics Digerati Podcast? Hosted by Tom Vrilock

The podcast “Psionics Digerati” hosted by Tom Vrilock on delves into the intersection of digital technology and psionics, which is the study and practice of using the mind to influence the physical world. The podcast explores a variety of topics such as spatial web, blockchain, brain-to-computer interfaces, augmented reality, virtual reality, and the future of artificial intelligence.

Vrilock discusses how psionics can be applied to these technologies, suggesting that the universe itself is like an operating system waiting to respond to our intentions. The podcast aims to guide listeners on how to live better lives through the application of psionics, which is described as instant manifestation technology.

Recent episodes have covered subjects like aura awareness for beginners, offering insights into understanding and harnessing the subtle energies that shape our reality. Another episode engaged in the #WitchTok debate, examining the controversies from a psionic perspective and advocating for a harmonious resolution within the occult community.

The podcast encourages listeners to join the for additional resources and to engage with a community of like-minded individuals. The slogan “Keep The Magick High!™ ” is a recurring theme, emphasizing the podcast’s focus on elevating one’s essence and exploring metaphysical concepts.

Overall, “Psionics Digerati” presents a unique blend of technology and occult science, offering listeners a platform to explore the potential of their minds in conjunction with digital advancements. Keep The Magick High! ™✨

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