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WitchTok Debates! #WitchTok Debates! Psionics Technology and Training!

WitchTok Debates with Vrilock Psionics Podcast

In today’s episode, we delve into the fiery debates surrounding #WitchTok and Solomonic Magick, and why, from a psionics standpoint, these arguments may be missing the mark. As practitioners of psionics, we understand that the true essence of our craft lies not in the rituals or symbols, but in the harnessing and directing of our mental energies. The recent controversies have generated more heat than light, obscuring the fundamental principles that unite all forms of magick under the vast umbrella of the metaphysical. Join me as we explore the unnecessary divisions within the occult community and how a psionic lens can offer a harmonious resolution! 🌟🔮✨

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