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The Rune Rise Program (RRP) is a compilation of Vrilock’s work with the runes, galdr, and psionics.

RRP focuses more on the experience and insights of the rune-work than on the actual lore and history of the people of the runes. Thus, psionics practitioners will find this delving into the ancient traditional magick a refreshing and interesting blend of old magick merging with the power of psionics! 


Included in this album are the documents which follow: 


 - Hammer of Vrilock (Introduction to the RRP album) 10 pages

 - Rune Rise Program - Part One (Universe template) 15 pages

 - Rune Rise Program - Part Two (Primordial runes) 19 pages

 - Rune Rise Program Book of Ur (Self transformation) 10 pages

 - Rune Galdr One (Exploring cosmic maps) 18 pages

 - Rune Tower Basic (Rune power storage container) 17 pages

89 pages total, 5.4 MB (All PDF files in Zip)


All of these documents are very simple, easy to understand, and full of personal information about Vrilock’s exploration of the runes. These documents are intended for beginners, or for those who have studied the runes and who want to explore its application in psionics, radionics, and wishing machines. 


When you join the Vrilock Insiders Club you get up to 50% off of the Rune Rise Program, and much more! These are exciting times to be a part of the Vrilock New Thought-Movement! So, come join Vrilock at!


Keep The Magick High! 


Hammer of Vrilock - Rune Rise Program

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