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Rune Rise and Psionics Projects

Everyone who has put forth some degree of practice into psionics knows that radionics and sigils has some limits. Theoretically these rates we take on our machines should run indefinitely. In practice reality is quite different. A rate taken on an ordinary radionic box or wishing machine will reach a maximum potential, and then kaput! That’s all folks!

Miraculous Prayer Board Mini Tom Vrilock and KA

Well, Tom Vrilock takes club members beyond the ordinary radionics and wishing machines. We also have the ‘original’ Miraculous Prayer Board instrument, crafted by Tom Vrilock to take out super typhoon Neoguri, Halong, and 40+ other super storms.

Tom Vrilock Psionics Club Keep The Magick High!

In the Vrilock Psionics Insiders Club and VOCUS program we teach variable machines, and focused-concentration that has been proven to work.

In our projects page within the paid coaching system of the Insiders Club we have accomplished complete bending and shielding of massive typhoons from slamming Florida, and a few from hitting Japan—up until recently when we attempted a late operation to curve super typhoon Hagibis, which was said to be something like a category 6, and the power of which has not been witnessed for many decades. (Still, the damages were far less, as the super typhoon Hagibis did not head straight into the center of the mainland of Honshu Japan.)

Storms are not the only area of psionics prestige that has been challenged and met effectively by our Psionic Brotherhood. No, indeed we have proven that psionics, radionics, wishing machines, and Vrilock’s new variable machine methods—combined with the powerful faith of the Miraculous Prayer Board Instrument—has accomplished some rather significant spiritual healings, resolving societal unrest, and bringing a belief in our nation back to our country. We have also reached out to the world at large, which has brought to Vrilock many new psionicists (practitioners of psionics faith and art) from all cultures and ethnic origins.

Hammer of Vrilock Psionics

With the new release of the Rune Rise Program now available to the public to purchase in an album of documents called 'Hammer of Vrilock', we aim to draw in more club members to join in on Vrilock training and projects. Tom Vrilock’s particular methodology and experience in working the Runes through Psionics and focused-concentration has produced astounding results in magick, wishing machines, and psychotronics! A whole new realm of radionics power is now available to the general public to learn. But, we hope you’ll join Vrilock in the club to learn a heck of a lot more about the power you potentially possess with psionics.

Vrilock Insiders Club Psionic Brotherhood

Practicing psionics with results that we can observe and record gives students the confidence and know-how to become true psions and adept in psionics proper. The Vrilock Insiders Club teaches the insights and discoveries for how to effectively communicate with patterns such as sigils, pentacles, glyphs, runes, Rei, and Kamea. Includes topics such as electric rad boxes vs non-electric and static boxes. Read the Psionic Tethering Blog about a new discovery for teamwork in psionics. Or watch my video on Psionic Tethering!

Vrilock Psionics Podcast

This is all taught in visual form, audio logs, documents, and how-to videos. Plus there is a messaging system for students and club members to keep on the same page with steward and mentor Tom Vrilock. (Check out my public podcast page!)​

In conclusion to our overall achievements of freeing heroes from bondage (Adam Kokesh, Tommy Robinson,…), resolving unrest in societies (Iceland booted out their bureaucrats and restored, England rises up against the bureaucracy to free Tommy Robinson), personal psionics projects (spiritual mending of Dave Schrader’s daughter, and a few of our club members families brought back together in good relationships/ healings and finances), and much more - I must say that now is an interesting time in our history to be alive; Although many news outlets and institutions will speak contrary to the truth.

Vrilock Psionics Club

The Psionic Brotherhood is not merely sitting back in the sidelines waiting for the globalists to play out their cards. The Psionic Brotherhood adamantly engages the cosmic information system which is what psionics operates within, and Vrilock’s students bend and twist the fates into willful effectiveness to achieve each person’s destiny and a better world at large.

Wipe out the Zombie Horde mentality! Use psionics to take it all back!

Join the psionics club with Vrilock

Become an honorable psionic knight the Vrilock Insiders Club! Join Tom Vrilock and support the work of the Vrilock New Thought-Movement and the Psionic Brotherhood! Wipe out the zombie horde with powerful radionics advancements in focused power, and get the good stuff!

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