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Keep The Magick High! Book Two: The Armchair Magician!

Hello new master! I see that you tire of ritual ceremonies and low magick! Perhaps now is the time to delve into this new book of the armchair magician! Master the world and never leave the comfort of your armchair ever again! Revel in your bad self as you learn the secrets of the master of psionics passed on to Herr Doktor Vrilock! 


Master meditation! Dowse like a pro! Command invisible forces! Craft miniature amplifiers and never get out of your chair for an instant! In fact you won’t have to lift a finger to enchant the world or manifest whatever you desire! Or maybe you might lift one or two fingers, but that shouldn’t be too much labor! And besides… this series of books comes with assistance from our copilot Mr. Munson! 


KTMH is a hi-lo series in the New-Age genre crafted to assist budding witches and wizards, intermediate magicians, and radionics practitioners to ensure success on the journey to self-empowerment without having to sell out to a wishy-washy cult of useless and self-defeating ideologies. 




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Keep The Magick High! The Armchair Magician!

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