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Keep The Magick High! The Magical Lifestyle!

KTMH is a hi-lo series in the New-Age genre crafted to assist budding witches and wizards, intermediate magicians, and radionics practitioners to ensure success on the journey to self-empowerment without having to sell out to a wishy-washy cult of useless and self-defeating ideologies. 


The journey to self-empowerment begins with learning about the magical lifestyle that you will adopt to become one of the great-ones of the earth! And possibly something more than this: A psionics power master!


Take a journey into the magical mind of HERR DOKTOR Vrilock, as we explore the foundations of radionics, psychotronics, and magick! To accompany you in this venture, Herr Doktor’s subconscious sidekick Mr. Munson will help you set up your first psionics lab! 


This book instructs new students in the high-level view of all things psionics and magick! Learn about meditation, dowsing, and radionics! Discover the psychometric infusion power of the Miraculous Prayer Board!




Technical Specs:

E-book. Illustrated. File size 7.6MB, ePub format.

This ebook is for beginners and intermediate magicians who want to know more about psionic magick! Learn about dowsing, radionics, spirit magick, and psionics philosophy, including the difference between theory and practice! 


KTMH will teach you how to establish your own magick laboratory! Learn how to live the magick lifestyle necessary for excellence in manifestation and other magical operations!


Resourceful. Informative. Powerfully narrated!


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Keep The Magick High! The Magical Lifestyle!

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