Psionic Necromancer Paperback!

Learn to develop a psionic relationship with the disembodied personalities of great authors, inventors, poets, scientists, world historians, magicians of old, and your belated relatives and loved ones! Talking to the dead is a real comfort! Don’t be fooled by the horror stories on television and in popular fiction. Necromancy is dowsing! Plus, with this book you will learn a variety of methods for communicating with the disembodied souls of legend via instruments which are easy to build at home or acquire from various sources. Expand your magical repertoire with this collector’s paperback!


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Psionic Necromancer Paperback

  • Psionic Necromancer Pocketbook: Paperback, 4.25(W) x 6.875(H) in / 108 x 175 mm), glossy cover, 188 pages, weight 6.1oz

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