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Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure is a collection of the best pendulum dowsing materials from Vrilock's club! Did you know that the core principles of psionics is based entirely on dowsing? Dowsing is a prerequisite for accurate and effective radionics and psionics magick.


The package includes  a video, audio, and three documents which will help you become proficient in dowsing. Plus there’s a fun story about dowsing to stimulate your passion for the talent of gathering information with a pendulum. 


This packages includes: 

  • README_Dowsing (Text doc)
  • Dowsing 101 (Video)
  • Dowsing 101 (PDF)
  • Dowsing Games (PDF)
  • Dowsing Relationships (PDF)
  • A Dowsing Story (Audio)


Be the best at psionics by learning how to dowse like a pro! 


(These contents are also available to club members at a discounted price up to 50%. Consider joining the Vrilock Insiders club at for awesome discounts and personal coaching with Tom Vrilock!) 


Keep The Magick High! 

Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure


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