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Psionic Splicing Paperback! 

Study the magical and psionic methods of Dr. H.c. Tom Vrilock to masterfully build new and better spirit servitors! Up until now most contemporary magicians have relied on outdated grimoires of medieval magick, summoning spirits whose persona and nature may be unfavorable to the sorcerer. Now you can salvage the wisdom of the ancients and discover hidden methods of splicing the attributes from old demon and god-forms to build brand-new and more personalized spirit servitors to work for you! Have for yourself all the powers and riches you like without all the bogus drawbacks of demons described in old tomes and grizzly necronomicons. The power of the ultimate tech artificer is all yours with this book! And THIS IS the only book in the world that will give you this power!


Tom Vrilock is the first student of Charles Cosimano, The Godfather of Psionics! With over 35 years of psionics mastery and 40 years of practice in meditation, this author delivers what others only claim to! 


Expand your magical repertoire with this collector’s paperback! NOW AT AMAZON BOOKS! And distributed in some bookstores globally! 


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Psionic Splicing (Paperback - Amazon)

  • Psionic Splicing: Paperback, 4.25(W) x 6.875(H) in / 108 x 175 mm), glossy cover, 132 pages, weight 0.3lb

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