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Contains 2 PDF Documents of Secrets for Soul Magick:

File format: zip file 1.1MB


Attention, Keeper! 😈 I see you have discovered a magical item! Correction—2 magical items!! Let’s have a look!


Vol. I. Psionic Wraith:

Command the most powerful energy in the universe: The supernatural and paranormal frequencies of ghosts! Learn how to mentally project your psionic wraith (etheric body or soul body) to any boardroom, gathering, or sacred site on the planet! Ethereal travel straight into the heart of the Hadron Collider! No place on earth is hidden from you when you digest the secrets of this digital tome of power! The government won’t like for you to read this book of enchantments and psionic necromantic art! These powers to be anywhere on the planet at any time is undeniably the most potent of abilities a psion, witch, wizard, or sorcerer could possibly possess! But that’s not all! Included with this first documentation of secrets is a second volume to take soul magick and necromantic power a step further! 


Vol. II. Psionic Visage: Craft the most powerful constructs imaginable: ghost forms, servers, ghastly floating eyeballs, and undead eidolons! You’re the necromancer advancing into the power realms of soul sorcery through psionic methods simplified by Herr Doktor Vrilock! Imagine if scientists had discovered the secrets to poltergeist activity! The discovery of electricity would become a thing of the distant past as we warp into the future of paranormal power engineering! But, you do not have to wait for the ordinary man to catch on! Grab this power for yourself right now! 


This second volume instructs the student of psionic necromancy with the techniques and methods for imbuing constructs with soul energy and the power of miscellaneous spirits, and semi-intelligent servers! This volume is the perfect complimentary companion for the busy sorcerer. Send your minions to do your bidding! And give ‘em the smarts to get the job done! You’re in command, soul-keeper!


Download this tome of power combo of 2 occult volumes lending to you the secrets of the universe! And all you have to do is seize it now! No bookstore will publish this unequalled tome of hidden secrets! We have to publish this digitally so everyone can download it before the powers that be ban it forever! Act fast before this secret knowledge is banned forever from the internet! Become the super sorcerer you were born to be! 


Seize the moment, Soul-Keeper!! 😈


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