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Vrilock Publishes Psionic Psupervillain (in Print) for Charles Cosimano!

Long has the master of psionics allowed his books to be downloaded for free. Far reaching has been the wisdom (and generosity) of Charles W. Cosimano.

It is time now to recognize the ultimate book of psionics (and villainy) as Charles Cosimano comes back in print, and the author’s most nefarious volume arrives at YOUR DOORSTEP!

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Colleagues, you already know this isn’t a new-age smudgestick book! This volume of psionics commands respect from sorcerers around the globe! And now it can be yours to place on your bookshelf! (Read it and weep, you new-age fluffy bunnies!) will release the first printed volume of Psionic Psupervillain (EVER) to be authorized for print by Charles W. Cosimano himself!

To better understand where all this is going, project into the future with me for a moment... Twenty or thirty years from now, will you be sorry that you have to pay hundreds of dollars for a copy of Psionic Psupervillain??? Or Will you be the proud owner of an authentic copy, signed personally by Charles Cosimano???

Furthermore, there will be a limited number of signed copies available.

That is correct. If you want to own a legitimate printed copy of Psionic Psupervillain, then please sign up news through Through our network you can sign up for news alerts so that you don’t miss the release notice for this one and only chance to own a copy. These books will go fast! Make sure you don’t get left out!

Psionic Psupervillain may only be purchased through our network, and you’ll have to reserve your copy when the notice is posted.

So, why wait? Sign up for updates, alerts, and news from

Additional promotional products and services may be offered through our network at in the near future. Sign up for news to your mailbox before you miss the publication release, which we estimate to be in early February of 2018.

(ETA updated to late February or early March).

Thank you!

- Vrilock

BTW, My good friend Charles Cosimano welcomes new students. Please visit!

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals! Shop>>

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