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Vrilock Variable Machine

There is something wonderful about the concept of creating a new kind of psionic machine which can isolate or joint together a series placeholders for changeable values. Vrilock has created such a machine, and it is called The Variable Machine.

With this machine one can isolate a sequence of events. And possibly much more. Imagery received from the use of this machine in the initial testing stages was impressive, and nearly instant. Perhaps this is something to do with the way I’m wired, but again it may be universal. We won’t know until others try working with it.

So, first you need to know how to build it, and then we'll cover operating the Vrilock Variable Machine!


  • Styro foam spheres, 2” (x5)

  • Box 1’ or larger

  • Magnetic wire coil

  • Potentiometers and dials (x5 ea)

  • Switches (x4)

  • Audio jack (3.5mm, x2)

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  1. Cut and trim a shoe box so that it can stand on its edge. Leave enough slant for the resistor dials. Allow ample room for a toggle switch between each volume control. Also, make about 2 1/2 to 3 inches available for the stand will hold the containers at eye level.

  2. Drill or poke holes for your potentiometer stems, preferably at the lower bottom of the box face, so that you can rest your hands when you turn the dials.

  3. Make a hole on either side of the box for your audio jacks.

  4. Make a hole sizable to the first switch, and locate this just above and between the first two resistor holes. Continue to make holes for the other switches.

  5. Run a screw through the backside of the box lid and align this hole to each resistor dial, and allow it to protrude through the lid. Continue to drive screws through the lid until you have a series of protruding screws across the lid in parallel to all five potentiometer stems.

  6. Wrap a long length of wire around the first screw.

  7. Wrap the other end of the wire from the screw to the toggle switch. Then run the same wire to the next screw, and on to the next toggle switch. Continue this until you reach the remaining screw. Wire this remaining wire to the output jack. Wire the output jack to the last resistor. Trim off the excess wire if needed.

  8. Wire the input jack to the first screw, and then down to the first resistor.

  9. Wire all resistors to the switches between them.

  10. Gently, place the first styrofoam sphere on to the first screw. Carefully twist the foam ball into the screw, making a hole for the screw to enter. Turn the sphere until it holds almost flush to the box lid.

When the wiring is done, place the dial caps on to the resistor stems, and close the box lid onto the box body. Tap the lid shut to the box. Maybe use a large rubber band to help hold it together. For a more permanent closing, drive screws or apply heaping amounts of glue.

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To use the Vrilock Variable Machine one needs to have an idea of the possible outcomes for an event (or a sequence of events) which could take place in the future.

  1. Plug your helmet into the box on the input side. Clear your mind, and think of the event that is in question.

  2. Having this event sequence in mind, turn your attention to the first sphere on your variable machine’s dashboard. Gaze upon the sphere and think of the event or one aspect of that event. Turn the first dial. Hold your mind on this event until the dial feels right or until you get a stick on your rubbing plate. Forget the thought, and look at the second sphere on your dashboard. Begin turning the second dial as you concentrate on the second aspect or sequence in the event in question. Hold your concentration on this sphere until you reach a point at which the dial feels right or your thumb presses down on the rubbing plate.

  3. And this procedure is done all the way across the board.

What the operator has achieved is a series of variables on the mental or psychical level, and these are now recorded by the machine. Of course, these variables are isolated.

Now, let us say that the operator desires to take a rate on the variable machine for an entire sequence of events in a great chain of occurrences.

This is done by focusing on each event, and then concentrating that event into the sphere. However, before turning the second dial, the operator will throw the toggle switch into the ON position. Then, the second dial is turned, and the next toggle switch is thrown. And so on.

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Operation time again:

  1. Concentrate on one event, and hold it firmly in mind. Keep this visual image concentration up until you can do this to the disregard of all else.

  2. Turn the first dial. Stop when the dial feels right.

  3. Quickly, throw the switch between the first and second dial.

  4. Concentrate on the next occurrence, and hold this thought in mind to the total disregard of the first occurrence.

  5. Turn the next dial. Stop when it feels right.

  6. Continue this procedure until you have adjusted all dials, and all switches are set to the ON position.

As the operator is now looking upon a series of events or a sequence of occurrences related to an event, the operator can now isolate various aspects of an event by throwing the toggle switch into the OFF position, and fine tuning the resistor dial associated with the isolated occurrence.

This variable machine can be further expanded to work with other devices by adding audio and other kinds of inputs which are isolated by on/off switches. As well, this box can be further renovated to have a spirit elective quality about it, in which the operator adds various components or material attractors to the isolated chambers within the box, and separate or combine material attractors through a series of switches.

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The static quality of the sphere is what makes this kind of variable machine possible. There is something about the use of this material which tends to work well for holding mental charges, and swapping values between charged containers. The thoughts tend to stick, and there's no need to rinse and cleanse the containers as these are not crystal balls. As well, there is a sort of added sense of working with the elemental intelligence of air with these styrofoam containers. Styrofoam orbs can act as containers for thought-forms, and are extremely easy to work with as a focal point for concentration, aside from the additive psionic components in this design.

Prior to working with styrofoam, crystals were the most common means of crystallizing thought-forms inside of a machine. The picture above is my old Klytus adapted into a necromancer's radionic box. This machine utilizes that basic principles of psionics, with a heavier emphasis on occult concentration methods outlined by William Walker Atkinson over a hundred years ago.

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor V.!

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