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Tommy Robinson is FREE to Go!

Tommy Robinson Freed.

It never ceases to amaze me what the spiritual power of the prayer-board and the help from our colleagues can accomplish. We have a truly great fellowship of colleagues in this occult network. So, I am pleased to deliver this next article of occult news about our project to free Tommy Robinson. So without further ado, here is our latest occult report!

Well, today it has been announced that Tommy Robinson was freed from prison in England. Tommy Robinson was released on bail. Prior to this marvelous news I spent a good afternoon speaking with Charles Cosimano at his house, and my Tommy Robinson project entered our conversation. We both agreed that my previous work some years ago with a similar project—freeing Adam Kokesh—was a completely different situation. To be clear about the matter for those of you who may not know of this project, Mr. Adam Kokesh was not yet sentenced while he was incarcerated by the feds. Adam Kokesh was merely being held in federal custody and awaiting the sentencing. Plus, Mr. Kokesh was being tried in America. Going back to Tommy Robinson, he was arrested in England and was already serving his sentence. So, Charles told me the British are different, and the possibility of getting Robinson freed was not likely to happen. Of course, I reminded my old mentor that I was not one to easily give up. And Charles agreed that I should at least try. Well, we have the results now, and because of people adding their belief to my project we have at last come to see the fruit of our project. Tommy Robinson is free from prison.

More importnatly, I want to thank my colleagues who have believed in me, followed my work, and have supported my projects. Congratulations to all of you who have collaborated to work on a most rewarding spiritual, occult operation to set a man free from wrongful bondage. Today is for rejoicing, my colleagues. And I want to thank you. Truly.

And my gratitude to our colleagues is more so important tonight, because some of us have been dealing with our own difficulties at this time, as some of my colleagues have written to me about recently. Deaths in the family. Financial difficulties. Struggling to survive in a hostile part of the country. And yet we have managed to still find time to pull together, and put forth a great spiritual power through our joined efforts.

We are the next generation of The New Thought Movement started by William Walker Atkison back in the 1900’s, and this is a spiritual/ occult philosophy which still lives in our hearts and minds today. So, again, I cannot thank you enough for working with us on this project to free Tommy Robinson. I’ll be honest…Years ago, I was alone in many of these kinds of operations. Most of us have had to operate this way. And it took every fiber of my belief and all of my training to muster the power to manifest the freedom of people like Adam Kokesh, and to turn/ dissipate super typhoons such as Neoguri, and to make intangible the mighty storm once known as Typhoon Halong—and often on short notice without assistance from other occultists. Today, however, we have a mighty group of individuals who are committed to making a better world, and a stronger occult philosophy.

Again. Congratulations to all of you Vrilockians and Cosimanians who contributed to this magical operation and spiritual power of the occult!

Freeing Tommy Robinson took just under three months to complete to date. Freeing Adam Kokesh took a week or two, if my memory is still intact. Unfortunately, we are no longer in possession of my old post from Blogger. (It has mysteriously disappeared, just like my post about MH370 seemingly vanished from Blogger, and so on.)

Here are some related links on our current web site about Tommy Robinson and the progress of our project. Note the dates in the Screen Captures of Twitter.

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