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Entreating the Miraculous Prayer Board Beacon, Remotely!

New Breakthrough in Psionics! Psionics amplifies faith power of the human spirit! And this Miraculous Prayer Board can be operated remotely by the power of your mind!!!

Most astonishing of all miracles with the new prayer board by Joshua P. Warren is Vrilock's recent discovery of remotely accessing the conductive circuit and crystal booster to manifest or influence results. Allow for good old Vrilock here to share with you some awesome results and new knowledge about psionics, manifestation, and the spiritual power of prayer!

First of all I poured over Joshua P. Warren’s ebook ‘The Key to Effective Prayer’. Digesting this superb method of actual manifestation, albeit a key to building a relationship with the Cosmic Intelligence or Cosmic Mind, I found new promise and focus, along with a sense of peace and solid reasoning in my spiritual and faithful life-style.

When I reflected on my own methods of super psionics, kinetics, and the methods I learned from the volumes written by William Walker Atkinson, including focused-concentration, a whole new vista of the occult occurred to me. I realized that it was indeed possible to remotely access the faithful power of my prayer board—at any time, and from any place. To this hypothesis I have tested my ability and the instrument made by Joshua P. Warren, the Miraculous Prayer Board!

The very first thing that happened was sort of a slow realization that something was working for me in the background. Certain things, positive things, that I was thinking about sort of started to manifest at very small but significant levels in my household. Family members started making more effort to be good humored, socially respectful, and helpful on many levels beyond my expectations.

Next, I realized that a brief but solid image entered my mind of the prayer board circuit during conversations at the dinner table. I felt a good spirit rise in the hearts of my family members around the table, and even those moments when some relatives are obnoxious, a sort of positiveness replaced the disruptive energies that are ordinarily expected in situations wherein people with different views, some with stronger opinions than others, gather to commune and break bread together.

In other more interesting events, I had tested this remote relationship to this smart circuit of the prayer board by thinking at this prayer board to allow me a more lucid experience in my dreams. The wish was granted. I stood before my mother and saw events clearly and vividly as we talked in the dreamworld. At another point I focused my mind remotely at my prayer board from another room that I wanted a problem to be solved with a loan company. The result was that the manager called my family’s house and was more open and reasonable than the initial loan processing person had been on the phone.

Of course there is much more that is happening, and I could write an entire book on the subject of working with Joshua P. Warren’s version of the Miraculous Prayer Board. However, I would like to point out that simply this prayer board is capable of performing much more complex operations in psionics than we currently realize. And we are only working with the first variation of the Miraculous Prayer Board at this time. Imagine where this instrument can take us all, and combined with my book ‘The Miraculous Prayer Board Guide (VPG-2)’ and Joshua P. Warren’s book ‘The Key to Effective Prayer’ (included with a purchase of a prayer board from Joshua)!

Clearly new horizons in the world of faith power, the human spirit, psionics and manifestation is unfolding before our eyes in almost realtime, and right now! With your very own prayer board instrument maybe YOU could be the next person to discover something NEW!

Overall my conclusion is that I am becoming a happier and more spiritually satisfied soul, with my eyes opening to my fellows, brothers, sisters, and distant cousins in the world for a better world. I am satisfied with the little that I have in material things. I am grateful for the people who are in my life, even though at times we do not see eye-to-eye, and I am more willing to listen to others than ever before. There is a saying the ‘God gave us two ears and only one mouth, so that we would listen twice as often as we speak.’ These magical, albeit spiritually enhanced psionic instruments, help us make these changes and transformations in our lives from the mundane to the extraordinary!

For me, psionics has sort of replaced the old magick ways in my life with a new spiritual earnestness. I feel that powerful faith energy being conveyed by my psionic instruments, and in particular effectiveness is the Miraculous Prayer Board.

All-in-all I have to say that the wizard of weird and paranormal expert, my friend, Joshua P. Warren has really created an effective work of functional art when he designed the new Miraculous Prayer Board!

Watch Joshua Warren’s Prayer Board video >>> and see for yourself what this prayer board can do for you!

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