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Vrilock Goes to Pic N Save!

As I mentioned in my video, any seasoned magician knows the value of reviewing and practicing the basics of his art. So, I have rehashed through the basics of aura work. The results have been more than interesting. For this little newsletter I’m going to talk about my shopping experience at Pic ’n Save. Lol! Here goes!

On three separate occasions I’ve encountered odd behavior in electronics I come into contact with. The first time it was a mess. The second time, an error on the self-checkout. The third time all went incredibly well.

My latest shopping experience at Pic N Save was the best. After picking up all the groceries we needed, and I had my basket filled with hot sauce, fish, bacon, and rice to a satisfactory level just above the rim of the shopping cart, I proceeded to make my way to the self-checkout area. It was one of the few moments I wished that I actually was wearing my mask and helmet, as there are always morons standing in the way who cannot work the self-checkout machines by themselves. But, I am a patient devil. And seeing that one of the customers was intentionally holding us up by gossiping with an employee, I fired my eye beams at her ass, which made the woman feel uncomfortable, resulting in my getting to use the checkout a little faster. (I know Chuck writes that we should aim at the back of the neck, but some of these people don’t budge. I’ve found that in the case of women, simply setting one’s gaze upon the buttocks will make them squirm and move on).

As I approached the machine I felt my aura lift. This was followed by a rather interesting occurrence of coincidence. The self-checkout is populated with little LED screens. And on each screen is a splash screen which displays the message “Touch to Start”. Well, I approached the arrangement of scattered grocery bags and scanner. I was lifting my arm to touch the screen, but before I was a foot from the machine the splash screen lifted, and the usual electronic voice started “Welcome. Please scan your first item.” Well, I thought. I haven’t even touched the damn thing. But, alright. This is even better, I reckoned. Yesss. A good servant anticipates his master’s wishes! At last! Some damn respect! No, but seriously it was rather amusing, if only because this was the one thing that went right with my recent psychokinetic experiments with my aura. (I will detail how this is done in my next VPG).

As is the case in all manner of practice these psychokinetic things improve over time. Speaking of psychokinetic stuff, there is a third VPG coming to our store. This is a brand-new remake of my old edition of Kinetic Magick - Dynamic Constructs and Spectacular Thought-Forms that I had published on Amazon’s Kindle Reader many years ago. However, we’re headed a different direction with this unique Vrilock Press VPG edition of Kinetic Magick. We are going to open the doors to telemechanics—the ability to read machines with the human mind. Interestingly enough, one does not need to have a microchip implant to influence or simply read machines.

We’ll also cover some areas of success in psychokinesis, including micro-PK and macro-kinetic skills (moving anything from the wind to asteroids). So, keep an eye on the Vrilock Shop! And if you refer a new colleague to Vrilock we’ll make him or her one of Vrilock’s enlisted!

Make the world obey!

- Vrilock and colleagues

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