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Beginner Machine Dowsing Magick

Beginner Machine Dowsing Magick Tom Vrilock Psionics Keep The Magick High

Students who are new to psionics tend to wonder what systems of magick or what particular grimoires are best to get started with. In regard to beginning machine dowsing magick there’s a short answer and a long answer to this question.

The short answer is to work with the Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as the Lemegeton. My mentor before me has proclaimed that this is of one of the most powerful set of magick patterns in all possible magick. The reason has to do with these sigils being linked to very powerful egregores; mega thought-forms which seem to behave as semi self-aware entities.

The more in-depth answer for us getting started in machine dowsing magick is a realization that psionics has nearly freed magicians from a stringent system of traditional ceremonial magick altogether. With the focus of the magician, the turn of a dial, and the flick of a switch all the powers of the sages of the ages is thrown into action seemingly by automation.

And another ritual bites the dust!

In retrospective realization of my 40 years of psionic magick there is something which has profoundly liberated my mind. This is a realization that all magick begins with myself, and then my relationship to the instruments and systems that I will interact with. So, I began to truly realize a division or distinction between the inner and outer spheres of magick much more profoundly as I poured over the wealth of spiritual ideals, mysticism, the esoteric world, the occult practice, and our diverse systems of magick on planet earth.

In contrast, while working with a particular system or body of magical symbolisms and spirit seals, there is a certain solidity in the pursuit of traditional systems. But, there’s also an intersection where the chaos magician needs to exit from that train of thought. Suffice it is to have experience and to have acquired the knowledge needed to execute the magick. The formula or basic understanding of a principle is usually enough experience for the operator to move on to other modes of thought.

Labels can be limits. The identifiers of a thing should only be applied to forms or concepts that the magician desires to have isolated for some purpose. But, not for the magician to adhere to as an absolute truth. This is because a chaos magician needn’t ascribe to any creed. The alternative direction leads one to becoming fanatical about the cultural perceptions of a magical system.

In a rather primitive example of being a multifaceted technician of magick, I could say that while I am rotating the tires on my car at home and in my own garage, I am for the moment partaking in the role of a mechanic. But the label does not define who I am, nor does it say anything about my views of truth. The truth is that I am free to explore all venues as a Jack-of-all-trades, and this is something rather good for a wizard who is seeking a vast cache of knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

Having said this, I will also say now that I have spent some considerable years practicing a relationship with rune magick. I feel that this is a sound pursuit in order to get the necessary skills under my belt. After which, however, I have developed my own way of working with these traditional energies. Technical methodology can substitute some or all of the traditional means of magick. Where ritual and raw magick have their advantages and differences I cover in more detail in my club. Without going into so many turns and corners here, sufficient is it to understand that a certain attitude and acceptance of the mind machines which do the heavy lifting in magick for the operator is all that is required. Or even remotely desirable in our pursuits.

Knowing a little more about radionics and psionics helps us to move forward without a lot of the usual misguidance into the world of psychotronics. It is not the machines that make magick work. It is in the mind and condition of that mind which allows the operator to make psionic magick work.


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Thank you for your support! And until next time… Always, always…

Vrilock signing out!

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